SCENE CITY| World Medical Relief continues good work

A MICHIGAN-based non-governmental organization, World Medical Relief, turned over three 40-foot containers filled with medical equipment and supplies to the PNP General Hospital in Camp Quintin M. Merecido, Buhangin in Davao City.

The turnover ceremony was held during Monday’s flag ceremony, which was graced by PDir. Catalino B. Rodriguez, director for research and development and Pdir. Juanito B. Vano, Jr., director for logistics, who received the donation.

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Also present were Mr. Jimmy Go of WMRI and John Gaisano, Jr. of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce.

The signing of the deed of donation also took place on the same occasion, spearheaded by Dr. David Lee Zarate, ambassador of health, WMRI.

According to Dr. David L. Zarate, the three words, World Medical Relief, aptly describe what the organization has been doing and what it continues to do. Its primary undertaking is medical relief work. Its targeted recipients are literally found all over the world.

“WMR does its work by donating industry standards medical equipment to hospitals in countries that cannot, for the moment, afford the purchase of brand new equipment,” says Dr. Zarate.


Dr. Zarate further states: “The work of WMR is made possible by the unique health system in the United States. Medical equipment in the USA is not allowed to break down and then replaced. There is a clearly defined life-span for the equipment and once the lifespan has been reached, the equipment is replaced by brand new ones. In most cases the equipment to be replaced cannot even be classified as heavily used. It depends on the area and hospital (where) it came from.”

When the medical equipment is replaced, the hospitals look for highly reputable organizations with proven track record and with operations that have been transparent and always in accordance with law. WMR is a favorite organization of many hospitals when it is time to replace their equipment.

The need for medical equipment that conforms to industry standards is felt all over the world. WMR focuses on hospitals that are less capable of buying brand new hospital machines.

The work of WMR is well-known. CNN featured the African work of WMR, interviewed the president of WMR, George Samson, and covered his trip to some African nations. Requests for donations come from many nations in the world.

WMR will sometimes deal with governments of the recipient countries. WMR has appointed Dr. David Lee Zarate, ambassador of the Philippines, as a sign of its deep commitment to the country in terms of its need for medical equipment.

As an example, the city of Angeles has a fully equipped hospital for diabetic patients. It will probably rank number one in terms of having the most number of dialysis machines. These are donations from WMR.

Today, the Philippines is included in the list of priority countries because the President of WMR now is a Filipino from Pampanga. Many hospitals, both public and private, have already availed of donated medical equipment from WMR. In fact, the first 911 type of an ambulance outside of the few big hospitals in Metro Manila is operating in Mindanao, a donation of WMR.

Dr. David Zarate adds: “When president George Samson was here, he became aware of the need of our men in uniform of medical care through up-to-date and industry standards medical equipment. So when the PNP presented its request, it was placed as one of the top priority recipients, by-passaging other requests.”

Guest speaker WMRI Ambassador Dr. David Zarate was introduced by Psupt. Maria Cristina Rebellon, chief, Logistics Division.

The three 40-foot container vans were unlocked in the presence of WMRI ambassador of health, Dr. David L. Zarate, Pdir. Catalino B. Rodriguez, Pdir. Juanito B. Vano, Mr. Jimmy Go and Mr. John Gaisano, Jr. and PNP officials.

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