Scene City | Women artists get together at Bai Hinang

IT IS not because women dominate the art scene in Davao City, but mounting an art exhibition by a group of women artists took a while before it was finally conceptualized and became a reality.

The project was envisioned by Madoline Agudo dela Rosa and Elenita Dumlao, two artists who wished to hold their own ‘solo’ exhibit, “to be where Art and the Artists thrive, where our works were given value, where Art is considered an undertaking that can fill not only the eyes with beauty, the mind with values and the soul with positive energies, but also the artists pockets with decent earnings.”

The two artists grew in number and became eight with Jane Ramos and Trixie Borbon, Rita Bustamante, Dadai Joaquin, Jing Rabat and Ann Worsely. Still there were more women artists and the number grew to more than a dozen women from Mindanao with the same aspirations.

When it was finally decided that they hold the art exhibit, Elenita Dumlao came up with the event name: Bai Hinang. Bai is an indigenous word that means woman while “Hinang” is also an indigenous verb which connotes “to create.”

Madoline Agudo dela Rosa, in her message said “The group’s objectives coincided with the meaning of the title “Bai Hinang,” for these are women who create, women who work together for a common aspiration, women who build bonds of friendship, which may build opportunities for them to grow individually and as a group”.

Bai Hinang’s First Group Exhibition 2018 took place on Jun. 9, 2018 at Art Centrale, Felcris Centrale in Davao City. An Alla Prima activity followed the Ribbon Cutting and viewing of the art works. Models were Pia Valedez and Chona Bue.




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