SCENE CITY| Tobi Ang, model dad on fatherhood, work & style

WHAT’S keeping 36 year-old Tobi Ang happy lately is learning to be a good father to his two young girls, Daniella, 2, and Natalia, 10 months, and “father” and leader of The Angcore Motor Group, where he sits as vice president and COO.

 “My day always starts waking up and spending time with my girls. The girls, Michelle, my wife, and our two girls are early risers, so I get to spend some quality family time with them before heading to the office,” shares Tobi.


 Tobi and his family were in their lovely home on this visit. Over coffee, the young dad shared how he manages his time between being a dad, husband and businessman.

 And since he is one of Davao’s well-dressed young men, we wanted to find out how his manner of dressing has changed from being single to becoming a dad.

 “Any time I get to spend with my wife and kids considered quality family time for me. Usually, our best moments are those spent at home.”

 “As for fatherhood, it’s is my greatest challenge and responsibility. I hope I’m able to raise good kids, who will become positive contributors to society.

Since our kids are still very young, we barely get our own time. We try to squeeze in a vacation once in a while otherwise we just put on our headphones and enjoy watching our favorite TV Shows while the kids are fast asleep.”

 “The Angcore Group has Kia, Chevrolet and Mahindra dealerships in the Davao region and General Santos, so I barely have “me” time. But I am a big believer in staying healthy in order to maximize the time you have and what you can do with it.”

 Asked about how he chooses his wardrobe, Toby says: “I was never good at following fashion icons. I see something I like and I get inspired by the look, but I don’t take note of who was wearing it. I’d say I’m a much more practical dresser these days. When you have kids who are as active as mine, it’s difficult to maintain a blazer, well pressed shirt or polished leather shoes. I used to travel with all those items checked. Nowadays, I accessorize with a hip seat carrier, diaper backpack, cargo pants and sneakers.

 It is easy to note that being with his family is what matters most for Tobi Ang.

Lifestyles change after marriage and having children and a loving wife to be with for a lifetime.

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