SCENE CITY| Seagull Mountain Resort’s Steak house and Coffee Shop Extension

INCREASING popularity and accommodating customers posed a problem to Beth Dureza, as more people travelling from Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro dropped by for snacks, lunch or dinner. Also local tourists and travelers going to the northern part of Davao City opt to stay overnight or enjoy the steaks and other delicacies served at Seagull Mountain Resort.


SECRETARY Jesus Dureza and wife Beth with Marilyn C. Roque at the Coffee Bar.

It was not a difficult problem for Beth and Jess Dureza, as it meant the place attracted more tourists and customers who spent weekends and stopovers at this cool mountain resort. Once we reach Seagull Mountain Resort, we step on Bukidnon soil, where the smell of pine trees fills the air and the seemingly autumn weather entices us to linger on and enjoy the scenic view of the mountains.

Last Saturday, June 10, 2 017, the extension of the Steak house and Coffee Shop was blessed by Rev. Fr. Jerry. The more spacious restaurant felt more comfortable, with keepsakes hanging on the wall, including art works done by Beth Dureza.


SEC. Jesus Dureza and wife Beth pose with the Steakhouse and Coffee Shop staff at the Seagull Mountain Resort


SEC. Jess and wife Beth with their staff at the Seagull Mountain Resort  

Secretary Jess Dureza was there of course, to host the blessing with wife Beth, who proudly informed us that she designed the interior of the place. They have added new seminar halls for meetings and overnight workshops. They are also adding new rooms and refurbishing the old cabins.

We met Architect Oscar E. Guibelondo who undertook the construction and completed the design that Beth Dureza conceptualized for the extension. Christina, Architect Guibelondo’s wife was also present. Manager of the Steak House and Coffee Shop is Rose Juderico.

Thank you, Vince Bandiola for the photos.

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