SCENE CITY| New comfort food entries on Rekado’s menu this Kadayawan

WHEN SEEKING for Filipino comfort cuisine, Davao foodies know where to head to—Rekado. The restaurant has an array of Pinoy dishes cooked like how mothers and grandmothers prepare it, with some recipes prepared with a twist to heighten the flavors and excite the palate.

 Chef Pauline Benedicto-Mallillin says “For the Kadayawan menu, we are bringing in the classic Filipino dishes.”

MEDIA friends and bloggers take time to pose for the launching of the Kadayawan menu

MEDIA friends and bloggers take time to pose for the launching of the Kadayawan menu

A delicious new dish is added on the appetizer list— the Oyster Dinakdakan. It’s deep-fried oyster meat tossed in a seasoned creamy dressing with onions and chili dressing.

 Crispy Dinuguan with Chicharon and Burong Mangga is crispy, yet tender pork belly on a rich stew. “We top our homemade burong mangga to balance the richness of this dish,” added the chef. This dish reminded us of our trip to Laog City in Ilocos because of the Bagnet which is really so good with the Burong Mangga!

 Corned Beef and Bone Marrow Bulalo – the broth of this hearty dish is simmered for hours with aromatics and flavorful beef cuts. The corned beef is specially made for Rekado with no preservatives. This is served with a beautiful cut of bone marrow that is seasoned finely and oven-baked.

 With the Inihaw na Liempo, the pork belly is charcoal grilled to infuse smokiness, while brushing with a flavorful marinade until flavors are well incorporated.

 Chicken Adobo sa Gata. This all-time Filipino favorite is delicious in itself but the coconut milk takes this dish to another level by adding creaminess to the sauce. It’s one of those times the diners will have to say, “Extra rice please!”

 On Rekado’s Davao Seafood Platter are the treasures our waters so graciously provide: the tuna panga, bagaybay, bihod and imbao. These are marinated in a spice paste and barbecued with a special marinade.

 “That’s six new dishes on Rekado’s menu starting this Kadayawan month, and we’re making these permanent entries on our menu,” announced Chef Pauline, “And we’re cooking up more additions in the coming months.”

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