SCENE CITY| Media night at KJC, a traditional get-together

IT IS a once-a-year gathering for media that brings us to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Compound in Davao City. It is also the occasion where Pastor Apollo Quiboloy shows his appreciation to media partners.

KJC Park Square was decked with party tables for the program which featured the launching of a children’s book – Apollo the Serpent Slayer. The story was read on stage by a girl-storyteller who was surrounded by young listeners while the lines of the story were flashed on a big screen.

Another highlight of the evening was the group contest of coloring the children’s book, Apollo the Serpent Slayer.



A STRORYTELLER reads the book Apollo the Serpent Slayer on stage

Pastor Apollo, on the eve of his birthday, on April 25, 2016, delivered a message to tell us of how he devoted his yearly celebration for children all over the world. As Founding President of The Children’s Joy Foundation, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy invited us to witness the biggest Children’s birthday party ever in the Philippines dubbed as National Children’s Day and witness the biggest parade ever, featuring Disney Characters and other cartoon characters and heroes which entertain children all over the world. And since he cannot bring everyone to Disneyland, he says, “I will bring Disneyland here to make children happy and give this once-in-a-lifetime experience in their childhood. Children who are not able to celebrate their birthday with a party will celebrate here”.


PASTOR Apollo C. Quiboloy gives a backgrounder on the children’s book Apollo the Serpent Slayer for children to emulate young heroes who grow up to be good children of God.

One of the most exciting parts of the evening was the grand raffle where items such as a refrigerator, electric fans, washing machine, microwave oven, rice cooker and a Led TV Screen for the grand prize were won by media guests.


MARILYN Roque of Mindanao Times wins a prize at the raffle


CHENEEN Capon of Edge Davao wins the Grand Prize – a 40-inch TV LED screen


CHE Palicpic wins a refrigerator

Nory Cardona, who used to host ACQ’s TV programs in Davao and who now stays in Singapore, gave a message to welcome the participants of the photo and video contests and invited guests who were treated to a buffet dinner.

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