SCENE CITY| JIB Global skills 2016 Celebrates Festivals of the World!

EVERY year, the JIB College of Business and Tourism celebrates Global Skills to showcase the talents of students in the arena of hospitality and tourism. This has been greatly encouraged to develop camaraderie among students and promote learning through healthy competition. With the theme “Festivals of the World: A celebration of Global Unity”– students realize that their acquired skills are fit for the global arena through service, hospitality and tourism in festivals around the world.

Joji Ilagan Bian, in her opening remarks said “It has been our trademark to have events beyond the four walls of our classrooms to prepare our students for a global career”.


GROUP photo of students with Nicole Hao Bian

The 7th Global Skills Festival of the Joji Ilagan Career Center Foundation, Inc, JIB College of Business and Tourism was held at the Atrium of Abreeza Mall on December 07, 2016.

The event was graced with the presence of Chef Sherwin Tee— grand winner of “Clash of the Toque-en Ones and host of Lifestyle Channel’s “Curiosity Got the Chef”. He said “being of service to everyone is a very noble job, and by simply doing it makes you a successful person.” The students agreed that truly, they are in the right career as they pursue a hospitality and tourism education, one of the fastest growing industries in the world.


JOJI Ilagan Bian and Nicole Hao Bian, VP for Education, VIPs, Guests of Honor and Board of Directors getting ready for the Piñata Breaking

Various events, exhibits and competitions highlighted the students’ talents and skills in hospitality and tourism, such as: In-Flight Stewarding Competition, Tour Packaging and Tour Guiding. Students acted as Front Desk Agents and resolved guest complaints.

The hospitality related events were: Synchronized Table Napkin Folding while performing a dance number, Barista competition, where students make artisan coffee on stage simultaneously, Sugar Rush, where students create petite fours to complement the coffee, Freaky Shake event where students create monster shakes that combine ingredients and pastries such as donuts and lollipops with the shake; Oral Blogging, where students present a marketing pitch on a hospitality-related product, Art of Napery- where students perform on stage the basic napkin folds under time pressure. Serve ‘Till You Drop”, where students showcase strength and endurance in serving heavy service trays, Bar Duo event, where students mix and flare cocktails and create complimentary appetizers; Race for Service – where students simulate being servers and serve guests by following the sequence of service.



Other events were done beforehand to display ingenuity such as foodtography—a creative capture of food; photourism—pictures that promote Davao city   with a touch of the theme; Dress the Cake – with students designing their own cake with their assigned festivals; Lobby Centerpiece—a thematic centerpiece in line with their assigned festivals; Grand Buffet Tablescape—a buffet that shows the festivals of the world; Buffet Flower Centerpiece—a creative themed flower design; Fruit and Vegetable Sculpture—carving fruits and vegetables; 30 Seconder—a 30 seconds promotion of Davao City; AVP Tour Guiding—a virtual tour guiding by students.

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