SCENE CITY| ICHEF holds Game of Thrones

EACH school year, intramurals and athletic activities take place before classes end and academic subjects are almost done.

This year the Game of Thrones took place at The Institute of International Culinary and Hospitality Entrepreneurship (ICHEF) as a 3-day intramurals activity on March 9-11, 2017. The festivities for the first day were held at Playsite Ma-a. This year’s cheer dance competition and ball games – volleyball and basketball along with badminton were the highlights for the day. The second day’s events were held at multiple locations including the Institute of International Culinary and Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship’s garden grounds, library, lobby, and at Dover Lanes. Day two featured all sorts of events like bowling, tug of war, board games, quiz bee, and various Pilipino versions of games or “larong pambansa.”


Literary Musical events took place, including extemporary speech, Oratorical speech, Acapella Quartet, and Dance Sport. The third and last day of the Intramurals featured one of the most awaited events, the search for “King” and “Queen” Ichef. With a new venue, new panel of judges, new theme, and fresh faces that competed for the crown, this year’s search for the King and Queen was one of the most memorable. The Game of Thrones’ was given the theme – “The Agon ’17: A Game of Thrones- Unlocking Potentials through Camaraderie, Excellence, & Supremacy.”

The student body was divided into the four chosen houses namely House Baratheon (Senior High School and Fourth year college students), House Stark (First year college students and Third year college students), House Targaryen (Second year college students), and House Lannister (Grand and Master Diploma students). The search for the King and Queen started off with the contestants in different versions of their 2016-2017 intramurals shirts and then their sports attire, and lastly in their Chef’s Jackets. The third look the contestants presented was their creative attire. The looks from the different houses had distinct features that set them apart from each other.

Mr. Lawrence Erojo was crowned this year’s King and Ms. Trixie Cabiles this year’s Queen.

The Panel of Judges for this year’s ICHEF King and Queen 2017 were; Ms. Jennifer Sanchez – Banquet Sales Coordinator of Marco Polo Davao, Mr. Edward Maguinsay – Restaurant Manager of Chowking, Mr. Jay Balascopo – Assistant Front Office Manager of Seda Hotel, Chef King James Tinio – Senior Cook at Marco Polo Davao and Chef Ralph Shotwell – Executive Chef of Western Comfort.

The overall winners for this year’s intramurals were announced shortly after. The overall champion was the House Baratheon followed by the House Stark, then the House Targaryen and the House Lannister.

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