SCENE CITY| Holy Week 2017@ Eden

LIVING in the heart of downtown Davao City, we now start thinking of the approaching Holy Week and the warm summer days ahead, as the weather gets humid. And yes, we dream of Eden…Eden Nature Park, where the cool mountain air refreshes and relaxes our tired bodies and calms our mind from the stress of everyday life.


As we approach the entrance of Eden Nature Park, we feel that the dream has come true. The invitation is “Eat, Pray…Recharge!”


Tall forest trees and giant ferns surround our room, nestled under pine trees planted around three decades ago by the late Chito and Fe Ayala. There is no need for air conditioning as even the water from the tap feels icy. The use of electricity is minimal in this eco-friendly mountain retreat, which is just an hour from the downtown area.

Here, the whole family gets all the thrills from the adventure rides – horseback riding, Sky Cycling, Sky Swing, Indiana Jones, Fishing, Deer-feeding and hiking up and down the roads to the orchard and the flower garden. The amphitheater is a sloping garden suited for weddings.

What is really exciting for the younger members may not be as thrilling for the more mature members of the family, that is why Eden Nature Park has lined up several activities for Holy Week which starts on April 13, when traditional Lenten religious rites start at St. Michael’s Chapel on Maundy Thursday.

On April 14, Good Friday, an organized Way of the Cross takes place, followed by Confessions, Liturgy of the Word, Holy Communion and Veneration of the Cross.

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After the solemnity of the Lord’s Passion and death comes Easter Sunday, one of the happiest and most meaningful events celebrated all over the world. It is rejoicing and a symbol of new life, the Resurrection of the Savior, Jesus Christ,

Eden Nature Park’s way of celebrating is Easter Trolls @ Eden on Sunday, April 16. It is meant to give children a treat, a party where there will be entertainment and surprises at the poolside at 1:00 pm

During our recent visit to the resort this week, the place was teeming with people. The cottages were fully booked. Lunch was a healthy meal prepared by Chef Gerard Piansay. Worth mentioning was the fresh green leafy, vegetable salad taken from the organic garden.

Our brief visit was capped with a pampering massage by Elysia Spa. Therapist Reyen’s hands worked wonders on our tired muscles and left us feeling rejuvenated.

A day at Eden Nature Park and resort is too short to enjoy the rest of the resort’s scenery, but we are thankful for the hospitality afforded us by Brenda Ocampo and Jeline Gison who really made sure we enjoyed our stay.

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