SCENE CITY| Heritage houses, where are they now?

AS WE look around us today, only a few old houses exist preserved by the generations which took over the family residence, undisturbed by the changes which took over in the field of modern architecture.

The latest trends in building a new residence are very tempting, making it difficult for the family to decide whether to do away with the outmoded residence and renovate, or preserve the old heritage house, filled with memories of past eras and generations of grandparents and parents who once gave life to the now silent walls of their homes.


A HERITAGE house at the Aportadera farm which is now 60 years old. The bamboo all came from Iloilo.

Realizing the value of preserving heritage houses, families like the Aportaderas, whose roots are from the Visayas, but have chosen as their home, the ancestral home is worth saving to preserve the culture and architecture which was so much a part of their lifestyle.

Chiqui Aportadera, whose talent in watercolor painting has pushed her to try her hand in painting heritage houses, has succeeded in bringing life to ancestral houses. Here we share some of her paintings of heritage houses. Chiqui is a member of the Davao Watercolor Society headed by Watercolor Artist Lito Pepito.


CHIQUI and Allen Aportadera and the Iberian Chicken, a specialty of Peppers Iberica Restaurant/Art Gallery


THE COSTUMER who “bought” the Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potato recipe

And because Chiqui and her husband Allen Aportadera love to share their love for cooking, their restaurant, Peppers Inerica, is also an art gallery. Recipes are also “bought” by interested friends, who ask the Aportaderas for the exclusive recipe of some of her home-cooked menu.

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