SCENE CITY| Farm & Garden Agri-Trade Fair 2017

WHEN WE read Davao City’s slogan “Life is Here”, we think of everything good and beautiful. Not only in terms of tourism, but the beautiful living things, flora, fauna and everything in the blue, brown and green environment.


And the flowers are no exception, especially when celebrating Kadayawan each year. As the “Farm & Garden Farm Fair” opened on August, 14, 2017, people continued to flock and marvel at the bounty of the flowers, especially the Vanda Sanderiana or Waling-Waling and the other orchids that grow in Davao City.


The Farm &Garden Agri-Trade Fair was organized by the Mindanao Floriculture and Ecological Development, Inc. and Floriculture Industry of Davao in cooperation with the City Government of Davao and SM Malls.

The Opening Ceremony was held at the SM City Parking C.

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