Scene City | Cacao City Chocolate Fruit-Pairing

Davao City, fast becoming the chocolate capital of the country is lucky to have a climate that makes cacao growers happy. There are so many reasons to plant cacao as we see the products displayed at the Davao City Pasalubong Center along Palma Gil St. The shelves are full of various ways to package cacao products from plain tablea to chocolate fondue.

There are spicy chocolate bars, cacao nibs and nuts mixed with chocolate we just wonder how come the chocolates we were buying came from far away Switzerland!

Last July 12, the very versatile IT personality turned cacao farmer/chocolate producer Wit Holganza invited us for a Chocolate Pairing event at her Cacao City Center. Wit showed us how Puto Maya can be enjoyed with a Granola Topping instead of the usual coco honey or ‘latik’. She also gave us samples of canapes of Fita Biscuit topped with Cucumber and Cacao Nibs, Tart shells filled with chocolate concoctions of all sorts. The hot choco drinks we tasted were followed with iced choco. Name it – Wit has it at Cacao City. The grapes, apples and bananas were dipped in delicious chocolate fondue. Fruits really go well with chocolates, too.

Chocolate Granola Canapes

Chocolate Granola Canapes

If Durian has visitors flying to Davao from other cities in the country, we will soon have tourists from all over the world to buy the chocolates produced in Davao City and throughout Mindanao. (Photos: Ambo Mesias)

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