Scene City | Beauty secrets revealed by Beautéderm

COSMETICS often cover what we want to hide from people who come close to us. This is because some of us have lost our self-confidence because of our skin problems. Faces dotted with pimples, uneven skin color, Melasma are some of the reasons we lose our self-confidence and cause us to shy away from people and countless opportunities.When we came face to face with the ladies who invited us to introduce the Beautéderm Ambassadors, we noticed their faces glowing, their skin flawless, we were curious to find out what caused this glow. And because they wore white dresses to the event, their beauty was all the more highlighted on this occasion.

The long ride to Madaum brought us to the Plantation Villas developed by the Tuason family, where the Beautéderm Ambassadors were introduced to the media. Here we met the mega distributors and users of the products who have eventually become resellers and who have reached out to the communities in the Compostela Valley area not only to promote the products but to make sure the people, especially the women, improve the quality of life, regain their self-confidence which they lost by being full-time mothers and were able to find a way to augment their family income by using, distributing and reselling Beautéderm products.

Kharnelia Lariosa-Edquila was a full-time mom in 2010. She relates her interesting story in being fully dependent on her husband’s meager income. When her neighbors and acquaintances would meet her outside her home doing errands and shopping for household needs, she would receive unsolicited pieces of advice to “improve her grooming”.

Kharnelia went on a diet, took heed of the suggestions of her friends and met the ladies who introduced her to the plant-based cosmetic, Beautéderm. Its mission is to further develop aesthetic and dermatological products and solutions that will cater to the ever-growing needs of its consumers. Beautéderm aims to help consumers regain their natural beauty and glow from within by performing daily skincare regimen. After following the regimen that Beautéderm prescribed, Nelia’s friends could hardly believe their eyes nor recognize her. A complete transformation happened to her skin, even her husband was complimenting her on how her face glowed and her skin was flawless.

Skin problems such as dark spots, freckles, acne and scars diminish with regular use of the products. They protect skin with SPF 60 and natural zinc oxide by blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays, reduce fine lines and visible signs of aging, rid skin of excessive oil, and more.

Beautéderm Ambassadors for Mindanao who were introduced and serve as inspiration were Carlie Jane Chua, Korina Diana Sawan, Claudine Alyssandra Verga, Leo Revita, Dr. Chad Fabular, Dr. Camille Gallardo, Sholai Lim, Vice Governor Mei Ling Quezon.

Beautéderm is an all-Filipino capital whose investor, CEO Rhea Tan, comes from Pampanga. Movie stars Matt Evans, Sylvia Sanchez, who is asked quite often what her beauty secret is and Carlo Aquino are some of the endorsers of the product.



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