Scene City | Asian Humanity Hospital proposed in Davao City

In an interview with Consul General Christopher N. Madrid, International Commission of Diplomatic Relations Human Rights and Peace – Asia Pacific Region for Interfaith & Peace Harmony, we learned that the organization is submitting a proposal to the city government of Davao which is the building of the “Asian Humanity Hospital,” a 1,000-bed capacity hospital for the Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO) with a headquarters in Davao City.


H.H Amb. Gen. Lord Divakaraditya Chandra Sarkar is scheduled to call on Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio to present this proposal any time this month. Ambassador Sarkar, ambassador extraordinary, United Nations-IGO System, is secretary general and ambassador-at-Large extraordinary of the International Commission of Diplomatic Relations Human Rights and Peace IGO.


Consul General Madrid’s life philosophy is “The real measure of man’s wealth is what he has invested in Eternity.” He belongs to the Christian-Evangelical religion and was born in Davao City. His parents are Rogelio A. Madrid, businessman, and Felomina N. Ochada, a home maker.


He is a recipient from APEC- Asia-Pacific Excellence Citation of the following:

Most Outstanding Trusted Community Leader National Citation 2017; Most Outstanding Education Advocate in Religious Higher Education of the Year 2017; Most Outstanding Trusted Life Builder 2017; Most Outstanding Business Leader in Multi-Level Marketing Organization Sector 2017; United Nations- ICDRHRP-Inter-Governmental Organization Systems; Medal of Excellence 2018 and Presidential Medal of Excellence 2018.


In Davao City, he worked with the DITE- Davao Institute of Technical Education           in Bangkal among other agencies.


At present Consul General Christopher Madrid is Dean, Student Affairs of    Brethren Evangelical School of Theology (BEST) Nationwide; Consul General                ICDRHRP IGO under UNDESA, EU (QA) ICA & FPCI – Philippines & Malaysia; IGO Diplomat  & Peace Corps (Colonel),   Federal Police Chaplain International (US Dept. of State).


With Consul General Madrid in the same interview at SPELL Societe Forum at the Royal Mandaya Hotel was Mary Grace D. Abad, who introduced environmentally-friendly products such as toothpaste which could also be used as facial wash or hand lotion, a gadget to process tap water into PI water, Pink Tea and more. Mary Grace D. Abad is a registered nurse and a Doctor of Philosophy in public health, major in nursing. (Photo Credits: Tomas Avancena).

















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