Scene City | Asian Cow offers best tasting cuisine for today’s generation

IT TAKES one like Chef Patrick Co to prepare dishes for the palate of today’s generation.As proof of what he can offer at his newest diner along Mabini St. near Quirino Avenue, at Asian Cow, he treated invited bloggers and media friends to a tasting session of Asian progressive Cuisine and served the various items on the menu.

One after the other, the salads came, spring roll, chicken served in various ways of cooking, spicy beef, and iced coffee, tea to go with the food.

You really have to try these tasty Asian dishes with your whole family or friends as the place is very friendly, well lighted and roomy. The open kitchen is also an exciting place to watch as the cooking is done by the kitchen staff within one’s view. It opens to the public on June 08, 2018. (Photo Credits: Karen Ferrando Alcantara)217






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