SCENE CITY| Amelita “Let-let” Kimpo @ 77

 WE WERE former neighbors since our grade school days until we became professionals in different fields. But having a career does not mean forgetting old relationships. The Kimpo family resided along Rizal St. and our family was living in a rented house along Anda St. We became schoolmates with the Kimpo sisters, Barbara, Let-let and Thelma at the Immaculate Conception College (now UIC). And the boy, Philip would play” Luksong-tinik, Tigso, “Siatong” with us. There were other brothers, but we did not get to mix with them as they were older and were already in high school or college.


Amelita was then working in the Department of Tourism which had its office at the Apo View Hotel in the mid-70s, when this writer took a course in Professional Tour Guiding and earned a certificate for tour guiding, but never practiced this because of the radio broadcasting career, Let-let was holding a position which she later left as she was assigned at the Philippine Travel Authority (PTA).

Our paths were meant to meet once more and for a longer media and tourism partnership, as we occupied the PTA Building which rented out spaces for DXRP Radyo Ng Bayan, Philippine Information Agency, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Tourism and other agencies.

Let-let has now retired and battles a health problem which has left her spending the days on a wheelchair. But her sisters and brothers pour their love and affection on her. They never miss celebrating her birthday. Mary Ann and Barbara bring her to church on Sundays. Mary Ann, who has pursued her love for singing, takes her along to watch her voice recitals and other events.

On July 13, 2017, Let-let celebrated her 77th birthday at the Mid-Eastern Cuisine Restaurant which their brother Philip and Mary Ann and her husband Ali have been busy managing for quite some time already. Former officemates of Let let from the DOT and PTA came to greet her, as well as close family friends enjoyed the dinner and singing of Philip as this place is also a Karaoke Bar on regular days.

It is the bonding and their love for each other that the siblings enjoy with Let-let, happily spending her life after retirement from government service.

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