Scene City | Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant reopens

IF YOU  had the opportunity to dine at the Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant located along Torres Street a while back, you will notice that much has changed in the system and style of food service. It is an entirely new experience when one gets inside the dining area.

On Jun. 20, 2018, a soft opening of Ah Yat Shabu Shabu Restaurant was held. The Shabu-shabu dining is an exciting way of having to cook dinner right at your own table which is provided with boiling vessels where you drop your choice of vegetables, seafood, noodles, and meat with your favorite mixture.1

Speaking with restaurant managers Edwin Lim and David Lee during the recent inauguration of the restaurant, we learned that the owner, Edwin Sze, is Davao-born and is into the garments business in Manila. But in Davao City, he decided to go into the restaurant business.

The latest innovation to this restaurant is a conveyor which brings ingredients right beside the tables to be picked by customers who cook the food themselves. This concept originated from the Japanese and brought to Taiwan.

Ingredients coming from Taiwan include mushrooms, dried bean curd or tofu, lobster balls, shrimp balls, squid balls, fish balls and salmon. From The supply of beef and pork are flown to Davao from Manila.

The restaurant can accommodate 350 persons for banquets and has three function rooms.

Ah Yat Shabu Shabu Restaurant is open 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily.




Marilyn C. Roque

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