SCENE CITY| A tour around Malagos Chocolate Museum

ANOTHER first in the country which makes us proud Davaoenos is the Malagos Chocolate Museum built by the Puentespina family. It is the newest addition to the Malagos Garden Resort which has been known to produce varieties of cut flowers, indoor plants, orchids, cheese, wine and now chocolates which have earned international awards and recognition.

As we toured the facility, we were awed by the collection of data regarding chocolates which date back to the early 1800s.

Architect Charisse Puentespina, who has excelled in designing museums like the Subangan in Mati, Davao Oriental and Mt. Hamiguitan Natural Science Museum, created the interior design which includes an interactive area where children can learn about chocolates without getting bored with historical data.


REX, Angel and Charisse Puentespina with Mrs. Charita Puentespina pose with the replica of the cacao tree made of recycled materials

Mrs. Charita Puentespina led the welcome group composed of her sons Rex, Angel, Roberto “Bo” and daughter Charisse. “Tatay Bert was at the restaurant to be with guests who partook of the products of the Malagos Farm such as cheese, wine and hot chocolate drink and moist chocolate cakes.

To learn more about the Single-origin Chocolates which are sold in bars and other products, we share this bit of information from the Puentespina family: “Our farm, Malagos, takes its name from malakas na agos, which means “strong flow of water”. It is located along the equator where cacao thrives best. Here, the soil, the sun, the climate — our environment — come together to create the unique terroir that gives our beans their identity, an individuality that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world.

Cacao beans sourced from our unique terroir and singular locale carry with them a more distinctive and pronounced taste. Chocolate connoisseurs know that exceptional chocolate is one that can trace its origins and can be produced consistently.

We are proud to say that ours is single-origin chocolate.

Our beans come only from our farms and its immediate environs, from small farmers who also care for their trees themselves. We teach them good agricultural practices so that we get the beans that give us good chocolate. We observe fair trade to make sure everyone benefits from what we believe is one of the best chocolates in the world.

The entire process of planting, growing, fermentation, drying, sorting, roasting and the production of the chocolate is done right on our farm. We know the people who grow our beans, and we see each step until the beans become the final product. We believe this is the unquantifiable value that makes good chocolate even better. Good beans made through good practices make good chocolate.”

The Chocolate Museum is a tourist and educational destination which should be included in our tourism programs in the region.

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