SCENE CITY| A soiree for Music Lovers

TWO OF THE country’s busiest musical performers, Josue Greg Zuniega, on the piano, and Luz Morete, soprano, performed classical and favorite pieces for the Pangan family and their friends on Saturday, July 9.

As Josue Greg Zuniega explained, it is their advocacy to bring classical music to Filipinos, and this special performance was a chance to advance their cause in Mindanao.


ANETTE Ang, Lucille Domingo and Encarnita Fernandez

The soiree was a combination of solos on the piano by Josue Greg Zuniega such as Franz Josef Haydn’s Sonata in F Major, Ikaw by Louie Ocampo and I Got Rhythm by George Gershwin.
Very touching was Josue Greg Zuniega’s solo on the piano, a piece entitled “Moonbeams” composed by Ms. Encarnita Fernandez, who was present at the occasion.

pic 4

DEBBIE Uyboco and Encarnita Fernandez

Luz Morete sang popular favorites such as “I Could Have Danced All Night”, “All the Things You Are and “La Vie En Rose”. Part II of Ms. Morete’s performance included Nicanor Abelardo’s “Mutya ng Pasig”, Franz Lehar’s “Meine Lippen Sie Kissen zu Heiss”, and “Leron, Leron Sinta”, arranged by Lucio San Pedro.
There was a bit of family representation when Nelia Mitra joined Josue Greg Zuniega for a four hands performance of “Happy Talk” from the musical South Pacific and “Katakataka” by Espina.
It was a very lighthearted and joyful gathering for all present, followed by dinner prepared by the hosts.

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