Scene City | Artist Edna Babao Ullman holds exhibit at Museo Dabawenyo

EDNA Babao Ullman is a Filipina born in Davao City and resides in Munich Germany with her German husband and two children. She graduated from the Holy Cross of Davao College with a degree of Bachelor of Arts/BS Commerce.

She is holding an art exhibition of her abstract paintings, which she says is done with the help of an invisible being, like an angel who guides her hands and mind. Mindanao Times Editor-in-Chief Amalia Cabusao and myself were invited by Edna Babao Ullman to view her art works and listen to her stories on her life’s experiences and how she worked in Germany to support her siblings and herself and her marriage to a German husband.4

She has held previous exhibitions at Leopoldstrafe in Munich, Germany, St. Tropez, France and KunstSalon, Bad Tolz, Germany.
Edna says “I want people to be inspired by my work – my canvasses are full of life and positivity. I paint with a brush or with my bare hands. Abstract art allows me to express myself – no words, just my emotions flowing through my strokes. Each piece is a message to the viewer that no matter what the circumstances, we must find happiness and contentment in life.”
She relates of the many disappointments and difficulties in her life, such as the passing away of her mother when she was just ten years old and her father had to raise all of the 10 children.

Edna adds “I have always loved painting since I was a young child, but due to limited means, I could not cultivate this passion, as my father could not buy me art materials. My first child passed away at birth and this led to my depression. However, I chose to trust the will of God and chose to be happy and content with what I have.”
“As a person, I made it a personal commitment to show love and compassion to people, especially those who need it most.”
Edna is known to have healing power and is also an art therapist in Germany. She says she gives positive poser to give love and devotion to help all those who are suffering and are deeply hurt. We have to free ourselves of pain in order to be healed. She considered herself “dead in spirit” from depression for several years, but learned to love herself and paints the power of positive things. “I love my country and Davao. I am blessed that God gave me this second life to be happy and have inner peace,” Edna adds.

During our conversation at Museo Dabawenyo where she exhibits her painting, she spent time reading Angel Cards to show us what was bothering us and preventing us to overcome some problems. Her message to us and to everyone was to stay positive at all times and live a life of happiness.

Edna Babao Ullman devotes her life to helping people, especially those who were affected by calamities.
“As a person, I made it a personal commitment to show love and compassion to people especially those who need it most, in any way I can. This show not only brings my passion in painting to fruition, but more importantly, this is my small way of helping the people affected in the recent eruption of Mt. Mayon.”
“I believe that we must always fight and not lose hope. Let us always choose to take a step forward to move on” she emphasizes as we end our brief meeting with her.

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