Sara steps up to weighing scale

MAYOR Sara Duterte checked her weight for the first time since leading the program for City Hall employees to lose a combined weight of 12,101 pounds by December through a public weigh-in at her office.

The event was witnessed by local government media and local officials.

According to information released by the City Information Office, the mayor currently weighs 75.5 kilograms as of Wednesday. Her waist measures 34.5 inches, and her hips are 40 inches.

Mayor Duterte has pledged to lose 10 pounds by December, which she announced during a flag ceremony last month.

As a bonus, the local government has also pledged to give the top three offices with the most number of pounds lost by December P20,000 for each.

The local government launched its pledge for the FitFil weight loss challenge, contributing the thousands of lost pounds to a national campaign to lose one million pounds. The mayor said in an interview that she hopes the city employees will take the weight loss challenge to heart.

“We want our employees to not rely on medicines to keep healthy,” she said.

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