Sara continues with localized peace talk

MAYOR Sara Duterte will continue her plans for a localized peace talks with the communist group despite the latter already branded it as “waste of time and resources.”

Mayor Duterte did not release any comment on the statement issued by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) that apparently rejected the city-initiated talks.

Instead, the mayor texted: “Our next meeting will be on Nov 17. Update by then. Thank u.”

The NDFP, in a statement released Nov. 2, said there were reports of similar plans in areas such as Eastern Visayas, with the localized talks initiated by the Philippine Army’s 8th Infantry Division.

President Rodrigo Duterte said on Oct. 31 that he supported the efforts of her daughter and offered to give house and job to New People’s Army (NPA) fighters who returned to the folds of law.

“Duterte’s local peace talks will surely fail in its aim of dividing the revolutionary forces waging a nationwide people’s war,” the NDFP said.

“The Duterte regime is wasting time and the people’s money in setting-up these useless local peace committees which will go nowhere and achieve nothing. These are mere rehashes of worn-out psywar surrender programs such as the “balik-baril program” and the Comprehensive Local Integration Program (CLIP) riding on the popular clamor for peace talks.”

According to the Communist group, the NPA was “united under the central leadership of the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines).”

The group said that Mayor Duterte had a “shallow appreciation” of the problems of the country by pushing for local peace talks.

In several interviews, the Mayor said that there are jobs that needed the assistance of NPA surrenderees, among them the protection of the city’s forests.

The city government’s Bantay Bukid program gives monthly incentives to forest guards who monitor the implementation of environmental law.

Over the past months, the Mayor said her offer still stands even after the Mandug attack on a banana packing plant that left millions of damaged equipment and property and killed a civilian earlier this year.

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