Rush hour

- Councilors ask City Hall to resolve traffic light mess

The City Council has passed a resolution urging City Hall to immediately act on the defective traffic lights in the city.

The councilors are urging the Office of the City Administrator to immediately resolve the delay in the enhancement, improvement, and implementation of the modernization of the city’s traffic signalization system.

On suspended rules, the councilors on Wednesday approved the resolution authored by Councilor Conrado Baluran, chair of the Committee on Transportation and Communications.

The resolution also urged the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) to effectively manage and control the vehicular and pedestrian traffic of the city.

Dionisio Abude, CTTMO head, in his council appearance last June 5 told the councilors that 23 of 63 intersections in the city have defective traffic lights.

Of the 23 defective traffic lights, Abude said 11 are flashing and the 12 others have spare parts that needed to be replaced.

Abratique and Associates Philippines, the service provider for the maintenance of the traffic signalization system of the city, said it has no existing contract with the local government since 2016.

Efren Abratique, president of Abratique and Associates Philippines, said they can’t continue to provide maintenance and install modern equipment unless a new contract will be executed between the company and city government.

Abratique admitted that the reliability and efficiency of their system has been depleted through the years due to several factors, including the wiping out of their installed equipment because of public-work related jobs on the streets.

“For the promotion of efficacy of the City Transport System and in furtherance of an optimum utilization of road network of the city, there is an urgency to execute the contract for the maintenance of the City’s Traffic Signalization System between Abratique and Associates Philippines and the City Government of Davao,” the resolution read.