RS Components introduces cost-effective plug-in desktop power supplies for medical field

RS Components (RS) has introduced the RS Pro ranges of plug-in and desktop power supplies approved for use in medical applications. Engineered for high levels of reliability and stability, these products have low leakage currents <100uA, two MOPP input to output isolation, and are suitable for BF applications.

The new RS Pro power supplies feature universal input voltages and are double insulated.  Added functionalities include short circuit protection, overload protection, and minimal standby power consumption.

The single-output supplies are fitted with standard 2.1×5.5x11mm DC output connectors and are compliant with IEC60601-1 and ITE IEC90950-1 safety approvals.

Voltage outputs of 5, 9, 12 and 24V DC are available for plug-in power supplies as well as a range of power ratings that include 6, 18 and 24W units. Interchangeable plug-heads for use in the UK, Europe, USA, Japan and Australia are also supplied.

RS Pro desktop power supply adapters feature a standard input sockets (C14). The single-output switch-mode supplies come with multiple voltage output and power ratings which include 5V/20W, 12V/30W, 24V/30W, 12V/63W and 24V/63W.

The RS Pro range is ideal for several applications including single board computers, wireless communications, and peripherals. Smaller and more portable electronic equipment such as tablets, smartphones, telecom and networking equipment are also targeted. This collection of products comes with the same quality and value for money that RS power supplies and transformers are known for globally.(pr-gdionlinemktg)

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