ROUGH CUTS|Why the apprehension on KP  

THE DATU Bago Award Foundation is reported to be inviting nominations for the prestigious plum for Davaoenos who have contributed to the development of the city with exemplary performance and dedication. The Award will be given during the Araw ng Dabaw celebration in March next year.

Well, we are aware that there are some people in the city who have done things that are the charateristics of persons who can qualify for the award. Unforunately, most of them just did their things silently. They are the men and women who need to be found by those who are willing to burn their oil to nominate the worthy and not on the basis of the exposure of what they are doing to the public consciousness.

Perhaps the academe, the business sector, the health sector, and even the barangays can help find the most deserving by participating in the search and actively sending in nominations of people who they think should be included in the vetting.

As some pundits say, it only takes good men to do nothing to destroy an institution.

In other words the Datu Bago Award could end up irrelevant if only a very small field is explored in searching for nominees.


Kilusang Pagbabago (KP), a movement that is founded by top confidants of President Rodrigo Duterte, is now snowballing.

A recent report published in local papers quoted certain newly installed KP officials as saying that it is not going to evolve into a new political party for the President. The clarification was in reaction to the expressed apprehension of some sectors that the launching of the movement is a ground preparation to create a split with the PDP-Laban, the party which was the vehicle that allowed President Duterte to take in his journey to the presidency.

Of course we can understand the wariness of the sectors concerned. Remember the other “Kilusang”-prefixed political grouping that was touted initially as a movement only?

Yes, it is not easy to do away from the Filipinos’ minds the historically notorious Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL), the political “Titanic” of the late President Marcos.

But for now many Filipinos are maintaining their trust in the President and that trust is likely to rub in on his political lieutenants. Hence, the explanation and/or clarification made by the organizers of the KP can still make the movement a beneficiary of the trust that President Duterte is getting fom the Filipino people.


We have closely observed the performance of the contractor that is undertaking a school building project in a campus somewhere in Bangkal, Davao City. The project is a 4-classroom-2-storey building which is implemented by the City Engineer’s Office (CEO) with a budget of P6.1 million. The contract amount is P6,080,000. The construction period is supposed to be 100 calendar days only. Based on the billboard the construction was started July 29, 2016 and its completion is targetted November 5, 2016.

But in our latest visit in that school campus the construction was still roughly at 55 to 60 percent complete based on our own estimate honed by our experience supervising  construction of school buildings donated by the company we once worked until our retirement.

Is the CEO not doing any monitoring activity on the performance of the contractor? We do not believe that the bad weather that hit Davao City in the past few months was reason enough to cause the delay of the construction.

Perhaps it is now imperative for the CEO to look into the project and find out why the contractor is unable to finish the project per target date of November 5.

And may be the Commission on Audit (COA) can do its share in ensuring the completion of the project soonest.

We hope to see a significant completion rate the next time we go to that particular school campus.


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