ROUGH CUTS|These so-called ‘pocket deals’  

HERE IS one bad news for the City Traffic Management Office boss to be aware of.

Last Saturday we were in Calinan specifically in the opposite side of a grocery store along the Davao-Bukidnon road fronting the public market.

Just in front of the location of the old police outpost is large NO PARKING sign. And in the last two Saturday afternoons that we were there driving the Missus for her usual Saturday wet marketing and grocery trips, that particular stretch of the highway was indeed clean of any vehicle apparently in compliance with the No Parking instruction.

But last Saturday (Nov. 26) afternoon we saw a pick-up whose driver we saw having a conversation with the traffic aide assigned in the area. After a while the pick-up vehicle which had its front portion in the direction of Davao City, suddenly made a  U-turn and parked right in front of the NO PARKING sign.

The traffic aide then crossed the highway and positioned himself beside the pick-up while supposedly doing some cellular phone calls or texting messages. The driver of the pick-up vehicle switched on the hazard lights.

It took some 25 to 30 minutes before the driver came back together with a store assistant pushing a carrier with several boxes of goods apparently purchased from the nearby well-known grocery store.

We have no quarrel with the possibility that the vehicle driver had requested the traffic aide for accommodation since he was to load boxes of grocery items and other merchandise. Put on a similar situation as the driver we would also probably request for such accommodation.

But then, in the eyes of so many other drivers and pedestrians allowing the driver to park in a prohibited area right in front of a large NO PARKING sign is clearly a blatant disregard of traffic rules being implemented by the city government, and clearly with the consent of an implementor of traffic rules. Wow!

And, for a traffic aide to give such accommodation who can prevent others to follow what the vehicle driver did – make similar request to a traffic aide if the need arises?

Then there was that actuation that induced some malicious feelings to the many other drivers witnessing silently the scene about what could have transpired right after the grocery assistant loaded the boxes at the back of the vehicle. The driver went to the right side of the vehicle where the view of him was concealed from the opposite side of the highway. Then the traffic aide followed. After a while the driver went back to his seat and executed another U-turn moving towards the direction of the city.

We believe that what the traffic aide did was annoying to motorists who were just observing him including us.

It was unfortunate that we could not get near the traffic aide to get his name because we were waiting for the wife to get out of the market area. We need to help her carry her purchases.

But definitely we can already see the need for a re-orientation program among traffic aides as to their duty in helping implement the city’s traffic rules and regulations and in ensuring that no one is exempted from the law.


We are again calling the attention of the Davao City Engineer’s Office (CEO). If the officials in that unit of the city government have ears they need to listen to the complaints of motorists passing the Magtuod-New Valencia-Talandang Road going to Calinan.

Shortly before reaching Talandang Elementary School there is an unfinished canal digging project about a hundred or so meters long. The earth debris are deposited by the contractor’s workers on the half of the 6-meter 2-lane cemented road leaving barely 3 meters one way for vehicles as they negotiate that particular stretch of the Talandang road.

We are wondering why no one from the barangay or the City Engineer’s Office has bothered to advise the contractor to haul the earth debris. The one meter high, 100 meters long and 3 meters wide earth mounds are definitely hazardous to motorists passing in that area. So, the longer the earth debris stays there the bigger the risk that there will be vehicular accident waiting to happen.

How come the CEO, or whichever office is responsible for the implementation of the canal digging project, had not considered the aspect of the disposal of the digging debris? Why didn’t that particular office include in the project contract the immediate disposal of the dug up earth?

Or, is there truth to the report that the contractor is still waiting for buyers of the earth debris for filling purposes?

Now, if vehicular accident happens due to the non-withdrawal of the earth debris, who should be made accountable? The contractor? the City government? the barangay? Or, all of the three? May be we just have to pass the blame on the hapless driver for failing to see the earthen mounds.

And worst, the project has remained uncompleted after several months since it was started and its supposed completion date has already elapsed.

Come on guys; do some monitoring of contractor’s performance. Or have some “pocket deals” transpired that deter your monitoring functions or submission of reports on the true state of the project?

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