ROUGH CUTS|State brand of EnDo scheme

WELL, it is not only the 79 percent of city barangays that are affected by the illegal drug trade operation.

As it turns out now, even City Hall, the bastion of the anti-illegal drugs campaign in the city of then mayor and now President Rodrigo Duterte, is also affected by the illegal drugs trade. It is some kind of ironic considering that the seat of the staunchly anti-illegal drugs local government officials is supposed to be isolated from such kind of shenanigan.

But as it is, another City Hall personnel was arrested recently for selling illegal drugs. The guy was assigned at the City Hall’s Muslim Affairs Office. And let us remember that according to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) one parameter imposed by the Dangerous Drugs Board in considering a barangay or instrumentality of government drugs affected is only one drugs case to happen!

We are very certain that the arrested drug peddler is most likely a recommendee of a political leader. That could be the reason that his personal circumstances might not have been thoroughly checked.

The result is that the city government became an unknowing (?) employer of a person whose kind is strongly abhored by the former city executive who is now President of the Philippines, and by the present city hall tenant herself.

Perhaps it is about time that the City’s Human Resources Management Office (HRMO) should set new parameters in its processing and consideration of applicants in the local government offices.

We cannot help but think of the possibility that the City Hall work of employees like Jordan Gali Tayuan could merely be their “sideline” work. Their main source of income might be the most juicy one available in this planet. And that is selling illegal drugs to their hapless victims.


And talking of City Hall how does it compare itself with the thousands of private businesses that are now the subject of the government’s campaighn to stop their practice of contractualizing the terms of their workers’ employment? This government drive which now falls on the lap of Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is the so-called “EnDo,” or end of contract mode of employment.

The government is now demanding that EnDo employees should be made regular by companies where they work. DOLE however, admits that there are certain types of employment under the EnDo scheme that is allowed by law. And to totally terminate the EnDo system, existing laws on employment must be amended in order to generally respond to the government’s objective.

Unfortunately however, it is common knowledge that the biggest organization practicing the EnDo employment scheme is the government itself.

The work mode came in different form. For the longest time it carried the term “casual” employees. Then it evolved into what is now “Job Order” employees. And we are aware that the city government of Davao is one of the local governments in the country with the largest number of EnDo cum “job order” workers.

Of course we have to understand the reason behind the adoption of this scheme. Whoever sits as mayor or governor in a particular local government like Davao City, has to reckon with the so-called “pay back” time. That is, accommodating recommendations for employment from political leaders, election campaign contributors, campaign volunteers, etc., etc.

The present leadership of Davao City is no exception. And as far as Mayor Sara is concerned she may have even a more difficult situation in trying to trim down the city’s EnDo or “job order” employees. Why? Simple, many of the city hall workers falling under the earlier-mentioned category were hired by her father, her immediate predecessor. Mayor Sara knew then that she also has debts of gratitude to pay. And she knew as well that those “job order” workers at City Hall when she assumed office also helped her father in his presidential bid.

It is in this time of dilemma that local chief executives could fall into certain decisions where some undeserving applicants for jobs bearing recommendation letters from political leaders and campaign donors are taken in without having their personal qualifications fully examined.

So, what happens next is people read and hear news reports involving persons known to be city hall employees arrested in drug buy-bust operations or committing other drug induced crimes.

Again this incident is annoying if we have to reckon with President Duterte’s “Exhibit A” offer when he presented himself to the people as candidste for President.

Nevertheless, we think nothing can be too late for any one to change for the better including improving the local government’s processes of recruiting and hiring of employees. More so for the government to stop its own brand of EnDo employment scheme.

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