THE YEAR that is about to end

It’s a little over 48 hours and 2014 will have its graceful exit. On a personal note, the year gives us a lot of things to remember. Some are happy while others are sad.

The first half of 2014 gave us the opportunity to bond with our family after having gone into full retirement. We were able to take a whole week off in one of Mindanao’s best resort together with our three children and their young kids.

We were not quite lucky during the second half of the year. We had a triple whammy when we were hospitalized three times. There is no need to make a detailed explanation of what happened next as hospitalization could only mean one thing: a drain in the family’s finances. In our case it was a drain to the max.

But thank God. He gave us back our health and allowed the family to get through the rut.

With what happened we know we will be starting the year 2015 with some degree of difficulty. However, with the family holding on together and putting God in the center of everything we do, we hope we can wiggle through the coming year.


It looks like the Province of Davao Oriental under the leadership of Gov. Corazon Malanyaon, is gobbling up every major governance award made available by awards-giving entities lately. Some months back it romped off with the top Mindanao Regional Development Program (MRDP) big project implementer plum. Last December 23 the province ran away with the region’s Gawad Kalasag award. This is for the province having excelled in its disaster preparedness and management plan and execution of the various strategies incorporated therein.

These achievements actually do not surprise us. After all, we know how the lady governor works. She has actually mastered the art of networking and harnessing the power of the various stakeholders in her province as well as those outside of its jurisdiction.

Moreover, the governor has seen to it that those who have invested resources to help the province recover from the ravages of super typhoon Pablo in 2012 are able to see what came out of their assistance.

Governor Cora, we take out hat off to you and your fellow provincial officials who have been giving their all-out support to all your endeavors.

We have read in the papers that shortly before Christmas day the New People’s Army (NPA) released the two soldiers they have held as prisoners of war (POW() for over a month in Davao Province.

The release was what exactly the families of the captive military members have been wishing for as their Christmas gift. Their wish was granted and we can only imagine the happiness the soldier’s immediate family members felt.

For this humanitarian gesture we have to thank the NPA local leadership. It is act like this that distinguishes the communist rebels from some other terrorist groups masquerading as ideologues.

This coming New Year’s celebration we are again expecting a repeat of a zero firecracker casualty in Davao City.

We are all aware of the success of the no firecracker explosion campaign of the city under the leadership of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. While his firecracker ban was initially not enthusiastically welcomed by many of his constituents because it was meant to kill a tradition, eventually the Davaoenos realized that having a much “silent” welcome of the new year is much better than having a noisy yet bloody celebration.

It is therefore not surprising that many other local government units all over the country are trying to emulate Davao City’s firecracker ban.

However, their success would only be dependent on how stern are the local leaders in having its implementation carried to the fullest.

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