ROUGH CUTS| Yes, a Muslim in the Senate is long overdue

THAT we should have a Muslim senator is imperative especially at this time of our country’s political situation.

     That Mindanaoans should rally their support to have present ARMM governor Mujiv Hataman included in the ticket of the administration, or whatever ticket willing to take him in, is a must.

     Yes, we agree that Hataman is the best Muslim leader at this point in time to be catapulted to the Upper Chamber of Congress. He has the experience in legislative work, he being a former Congressman. He, too, has the experience in the executive arena having guided the ARMM to its present level of credibility as an autonomous entity.

     We therefore urge the political parties that will eventually evolve towards the 2016 election to take in Hataman, more so the administration’s Liberal Party since we know that his present position was given to him by the P’Noy government.

     We also encourage Governor Hataman to manifest his intention so that in the process his name will get noticed by the parties’ search committees. And Mindanaoans much support Hataman with logistical resources to run his campaign so that if he wins he would not owe it to other people but from his fellow Mindanaoans.


     We would like to thank the City Engineer’s Office of Davao for finally starting the repair work on an eroded embankment in a portion of the Magtuod-New Carmen-New Valencia relief road leading to Calinan.

     We had been harping on it for the last three months, and last week we saw that work on its repair has finally been started.

     Of course, we would be much happier if the repair job will be done as fast as possible. If not, rains might be adding to the roadside erosion faster than the repair work is done.

     Meanwhile, we would want to know what happened to the concreting of the portion of the Talandang Road to Calinan project specifically in front of the Talandang Elementary and High school compound.

     Last week the one unit backhoe was solitarily doing the excavation of the old and dilapidated concrete of the barangay road. But last Monday, the heavy excavation machinery was suddenly withdrawn by the contractor. The reason given was that the backhoe has a defective radiator tank causing its engine to overheat easily. True or not we have no idea.

     What is clear however is that, meanwhile that there is no backhoe doing the excavation, the road concreting of about 400 lineal meters only has been in a standstill for the last three days, and perhas for the next few more days.

     Does this mean that the contractor has very limited resources that it is unable to hire another backhoe?

     For now, vehicles using the said road going to Calinan or those going to the city proper via Magtuod, have to be stranded for some time and wait for one end to be cleared before they can proceed.

     We understand that the project is implemented by the national government under third district congressman Isidro Ungab’s initiative.

     We are therefore, bringing this potential delay in the project completion to the congressman’s attention.

     And perhaps, we have to urge the District Engineering Office of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to closely monitor the performance of the contractor so that the potential delay can be prevented.


     We agree with our space neighbor Timesman Loreto Tinitigan that “Mabuti pa ang patay naalaala ni P’Noy”.

     The President was reported having given the green light to the Social Security System (SSS) to increase to as much as P40 thousand the burial benefits of members who die. But even as this good news is accepted by the SSS members especially by their immediate family, the President seems to have forgotten that living pensioners need increase in their monthly pension more.

     Yes, we read some weeks back that there were proposals to hike the pensions by about P2 thousand a month. But we haven’t read, much less been aware of, reports that it has been already implemented.

     Now, did not President P’Noy in his SONA last Monday chastise Vice President Jejomar Binay for his claim that the administration of President Aquino is “manhid and palpak” (insensitive and bumbling)?


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