Rough Cuts: Why Sara’s not aspiring for a nat’l post… not yet

Now this recent development in Davao City politics is interesting. News reports have it that resigned Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte is considering a run for the first district congressional seat.

The former VM confirmed it himself during a speech in the mass oath-taking of new members of the mayor’s regional party “Hugpong sa Pagbabago” at the SMX convention center last Sunday. Former VM Pulong told his audience he will only seek public office in next year’s midterm election “if mayor Duterte would allow him to run.” Read between the lines, it means he will run subject to her sister’s go-signal.
Mayor Sara herself already intimated her approval of a Pulong comeback during the same activity of “Hugpong” when she said that “he had my full backing to his future political plans.” Clearly, this turn of events validates our earlier assertion that Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio is not running for any national position in next year’s polls… not yet.
Yes, the former VM is reportedly strongly pushed by Hugpong leaders in the city to run for Congress in the first district. So, if this happens he would most likely be facing incumbent PBA Partylist Congressman Jerico “Koko” Nograles who will possibly take the regular party slot that will be vacated by his last termer brother Karlo Alexis Nograles.
It is our hunch that should Hugpong put up a candidate against a Nograles Congressional bet, especially if it is a Duterte in resigned VM Pulong, the former group will certainly have an uphill fight to retain its hold of the district. Therefore, as a matter of strategy, the Nograles group will opt for putting what perhaps could be its strongest candidate to capture the city mayorship. And he could be no other but three-termer congressman Karlo. As a consequence, for Hugpong putting up any candidate for mayor lesser known that incumbent Inday Sara, is one big risk that local party will have to face in next year’s local polls.
Of course it is common knowledge that for now no one can ever claim of equal footing as that of Sara to enter the mayoral race. Even the mayor’s husband who is touted to run in the mayor’s stead should she decide to pursue for a national position, has yet to show that he has the complete elements to catapult him with ease to the mayoral post. Yes, lawyer Mans Carpio has the family name, the education, the talent, the guts, and maybe the political will required of a politician. But the one thing that Davaoenos have yet to find out from the mayor’s husband is whether or not he has the charisma; that important aspect of a human being’s personality that effortlessly draws everyone to gravitate around the person who has it. This characteristic in fact, would just manifest itself on the person who has it without him knowing. Unfortunately for the mayor’s husband, he has yet to find time for the people of Davao to get the opportunity to discover whether or not he has that charisma. And his time is already fast running out as far as next year’s election is concerned.
So, the likelihood is that, to obviate the possibility of a Nograles capture of City Hall, Sara will have to run for reelection and pour everything that it takes to give her brother Pulong the chance to wrestle the Nograles dominance in the city’s first congressional district.
Should this scenario happen, then election in Davao City next year will be one interesting political contest that has been absent since the Dutertes tenancy at City Hall.
Of course the Davao City political situation would be a totally different story if the existing “modus vivendi” that appears to be prevailing will still hold. That is, that the Dutertes just let go of any plan to contest the Nograles hold of the first district and the latter not making any attempt to topple the over-all city leadership of the Dutertes.
But for now, it appears that some political leaders of both the mayor’s Hugpong and of the Nograles group are trying to destroy that noble political arrangement for their own egoistic purpose. We can only hope that they would not succeed so the best interest of the Davaoenos more enhanced under the term of former Davao City mayor and now President Rodrigo Duterte, can be protected.
Meanwhile, Inday Sara now shows she has the very strong potentials for a leader of national caliber. She is definitely showing that even as she is still mayor she can be one effective political king maker. By using her regional political party Hugpong as vehicle it now appears that every aspiring and current politician wants to ride on her Hugpong hoping for endorsement from Sara and her group. So, it is now crystal clear that this early the mayor is setting up the strong foundation for the structure that will surely bring her up to the national leadership status.
That is why we are saying that Sara is not yet running for a national position come next year’s political exercises. Want to bet?

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