ROUGH CUTS| Why charges of EJKs are strengthening

   WE BELIEVEthat Police Director General Ronald “Bato” De La Rosa should heed the admonition of Caloocan City Bishop Most Rev. Pablo Virgilio David. He should stop his theatrics while serving as resource person during nationally-televised Congressional hearings on the series of killings allegedly by policemen of youthful suspected drug offenders. Last week the millions of Filipinos who were glued on television to listen to the hearing on the slaying of Kian delos Santos in Caloocan City, saw the national police chief unabashedly cried and swore by the name of God in his efforts to stop the members of the Congressional probe body from further putting the blame on the police in the growing number of young casualties in the war against drugs.

     Yes, truth is, no matter how many buckets of tears will Dela Rosa shed, it is clear that the Bishop cannot be swayed.

     Of course we cannot blame the Caloocan top prelate. After all, the site of the killing is under his Pastoral jurisdiction. And for a man of the cloth, to see his diocese turned into a “killing field” of minors suspected of involvement in the drug trade, it is revolting to the stomach.

     While there is still a lot of doubt as to the identities of the suspects in the killing, it is also equally true that there are evidence purporting the accountability of some members of the police organization like CCTV footages and personal testimonies of certain witnesses.

      So, we found it extremely important for the Police Director General to show firmness in his position and stability in emotion. He cannot escape the eyes of his subordinates and the people who are expecting that the organization that they look up to be their guardian, their protector is under the guidance of one who seems to have unsteady hands and emotionally vulnerable.

     And if it is true as what the Palace suspects that the recent killings of young victims are perpetrated by “malignant” forces “out to discredit the government’s anti-illegal drugs campaign in the eyes of the people,” then Police Director General Bato should muster all efforts to find and identify these “malignant” forces.

     He should re-direct the police work in figuring out who are and where these “malignant” forces can be found and do everything to have them prosecuted. Why, is it more acceptable for the PNP Director General to allow the police organization to be called a total failure in solving “deaths under investigation?”

     It is our take that this failure of the police to show concrete evidence of  resolving satisfactorily a single “Death Under Investigation” case is the one that is strengthening the general notion that indeed extra judicial killings (EJKs) are being perpetrated in the country.

     We hope our good friend P/Sr. Supt. Michael John Dubria, former Davao City Police Director who is now with the staff of PNP Chief Dela Rosa, will be able to share this thought of ours to his boss if he cares for the fast deteriorating police image.


     Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV seems hell-bent on destroying both the person and administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. After he failed to do it during the campaign with his allegation that then candidate for President Duterte has hundreds of millions of pesos in deposits in at least two leading banks in the country, now he has shifted his attacks on some members of the President’s family.

     Trillanes during last Thursday’s continuation of the hearing of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the alleged corruption in the Bureau of Customs (BOC), directly implicated Presidential son and Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Z. Duterte in the smuggling into the country of some P6.4 billion worth of shabu from China.

     He also told the members of the Senate committee that the Davao Vice Mayor is a member of the international crime syndicate Chinese Triad. The senator also pointed to presidential son-in-law Manases Carpio as part of the Davao Group which is peddling influence to facilitate release of contraband goods passing the country’s major air and sea ports.

     Trillanes, meanwhile named one Charlie Tan, allegedly a close friend of the Vice Mayor, as another member of the Chinese Triad who is responsible in bringing in shabu and other illegal drugs as well as other smuggled merchandise into the Philippines.

     But what is intriguing is that if indeed the opposition senator is really that definite of his claim of the Davao Vice Mayor’s and Charlie Tan’s link to the Chinese Triad why haven’t he initiated criminal complaints against those people he has identified as card carrying members of the Chinese crime syndicate?

     Why bring his case in the court of public opinion using the facility of the Senate and availing to the fullest of his legislative immunity to insure that he cannot be touched for whatever he says about the President’s son and son-in-law?

     There can only be one thing for this to be clearly explained. It is either the senator does not really have the evidence he has so boastfully claimed of having, or that he is merely fishing for or manufacturing the evidence.

     Let us see what comes next after the President made his own allegation that the senator is hiding money in overseas banks. Will the President really be able to present to the public unimpeachable evidence that can bring Trillanes on his knees.

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