ROUGH CUTS| Who are behind the EJKs?

LOCAL paper banner story: LTFRB Davao most corrupt. We say amen to that.

     Unfortunately, it took a Duterte presidency and a Martin Delgra chairmanship of the agency to discover an all too glaring truth about the anomalies in that regional office.

     Imagine three boxes of questionable LTFRB Case folders being discovered and for now reviewed by an audit team!

     Indeed LTFRB chair lawyer Delgra and his team will have their hands full. We just hope that their idealism will eventually eradicate the systemic ills in that agency instead of the usual system of graft and corruption eating them up.


     Really there are people who heartlessly take advantage of situations like the September 2 bombing of the Roxas night market in Davao City where 15 died and 69 others injured, some very seriously.

     That is why the warning issued by mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio against people using her name to exact money from some individuals and corporations supposedly to support a fund raising for the victims of the deadly bombing is timely.

     A report quoting the City Information Office (CIO) said that the city mayor was informed of a text message received by a member of the House of Representatives coming from a certain Charisma Jaranilla telling the House member that mayor  Sara wanted to invite him to support an activity to raise funds to help the blast victims.

     According to the report the mayor has strongly deplored the folly of some people who have taken advantage of the tragic incident in her city.

     Frankly this shenanigan should not be tolerated especially so that it is at the expense of those who have been victims of criminal acts perpetrated by people with warped minds.

     And certainly those who used the tragedy for their own bad intentions are people whose minds are as warped or even warper than the bombers’.


     President Rodrigo Duterte has asked his critics not to put the blame on him of the so-called extra-judicial killings (EJKs) that are happening as consequence of his  war against illegal drugs.

     At the same time he accused the drug syndicates and corrupt police officials of orchestrating the killings that are being attributed to the police and other security forces.

     We believe the President in this claim of his.  It is also our position that the killings categorized by members of the media, human rights advocates and religious groups as EJKs are not the handiwork of the police and other law enforcement authorities. We are dead sure that these are perpetrated by syndicate members. And if there are policemen who are doing the EJKs they are those who are in the employ of the drug syndicates as protectors, or directly engaged in the drugs distribution.

     Let us not forget that the policemen who are working for the drug syndicates or are themselves selling drugs to their down lines, are aware that the persons distributing the illegal drugs for them have factual knowledge of the level of their involvement.

     Hence, when the President started his no-nonsense drive against illegal drugs the syndicates and their policemen protectors have to immediately do their down lines away before the authorities with clean hands get to the pushers and users ahead of them.

     And the only assurance that those who are working for them will not give them away to the law enforcers is to silence them forever.

     From these brand of executions come the so-called extrajudicial killings that have created not just ripples within the country but a firestorm in Europe and the Americas. Even the United Nations Organization (UNO) is dipping their  interventionist hands into the ways the present administration is dealing with the drugs problem. And quite wrongly.

     Yes, they who have no idea of the magnitude of the problem and they who want to create a nitch in Philippine society at the expense of other people want to dip their hands into the process even if they are fully aware that they do not have even an iota of knowledge how the drug poblem is destroying the moral fibers of a good number of the present generation.


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