Rough cuts | Truly a ‘different experience’ is coming

WE DO our regular wet marketing every week in Calinan. And being a market habitué we could not help but get a feel of what is happening in one of Davao City’s primary markets, Calinan being a large district with substantial population.

And what is this report we are hearing that the renovation of one of the buildings of the CiprianoVillafuerte Jr. Public Market which is operated by the city government, has already been completed but none of the stall lessees is in a hurry to move to the newly renovated building? The renovation, according to reports, cost the city government some P4.5 million.

Yes, it is quite surprising to note that instead of eagerly moving to the renovated building the lessees would rather stay in their present assigned locations after renovation work was started even if these are vulnerable to fire, scorching heat of the sun, and mad during heavy rains.

In the course of our inquiry from some of the lessees we learned that the stalls inside the building have as its divider only the brittle hardiflex boards which can easily break when hit by heavy object or intentionally pounded on by some persons with malevolent purposes.

In other words, the stalls offered to the existing lessees are bare or plain shell that the lessees have to provide the necessary materials to isolate it from the others at their own expense. In other words, the condition of the stalls as these are offered to the lessees for immediate occupation is very far from what they have been expecting as the finished product. After all, they said, the city government has increased the cost of the lease to a rate that they think are hardly affordable.

Perhaps it would be beneficial to both the lessor city government and the lessees to sit down and thresh out the issue in a civil manner. And if the finished renovation is what the contract is all about then the city government must undertake serious efforts in explaining the situation to the lessees who are expecting that they have no more additional expenses upon transferring to their newly assigned stalls.

We and many, if not all of the lessees and even market goers, would be happy if this problem is settled the soonest possible time.

The transfer of the “displaced” legal market vendors back inside the renovated Cipriano Villafuerte Jr. Public Market in Calinan is certain to bring sanity to the market place as once the occupied sites are vacated there will be bigger space available for parking of vehicles delivering market goods from the farms and those buying them wholesale.


     Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio vowed a “different experience” for DAVRAA delegations should the city be given another opportunity to host the regional games.

Of course the lady mayor has all the reasons to make such commitment. By the time the Davao Regional Athletic Association games will go back to Davao even if it happens a year from now, the multi-billion peso Sports Complex located at the University of the Philippines-Mindanao in Tugbok will have already been completed.

Yes, we are certain that the mayor of the country’s biggest city and one of the most urbanized metropolis all over the Philippines, might have felt awkward knowing that the delegations from all over the different Department of Education (DepEd) Divisions in Region XI have to be billeted in classrooms of public school buildings; that they have to reckon with the inconvenience of turning school campuses into huge kitchens and dining areas. Moreover, Inday Sara might have felt the frustration of the athletes feeling a reduction of their chances of winning in their disciplines because of the hassle going to different venues of the games that require longer travel time. Thus, the athletes might have felt their energy zapped by the time they reach the venue and they are fielded in their respective events.

And worst, that embarrassing food poisoning incident that even if Davao City has nothing to do with it some people cannot be prevented from thinking that whatever circumstances that may have led to the unfortunate happening could have been caused by laxity in the preparation for the hosting.

Yes, such possibility is not remote as nobody might have thought of the food handling aspect, or even in the sanitation component of the preparation, especially in the supply of safe and potable water for the delegations’ use.

But as we have been raising in this column in several of its issues we think that once the integrated sports complex is completed and ready for use Mayor Inday Sara’s commitment of a “different experience” will come to reality, whatever the games will be, be these are divisional, regional, national of even international level.

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