ROUGH CUTS|  Trillanes hasn’t abandoned his adventurism

SO THE LAND Transportation Office (LTO) Davao has already arrested 3 “no registration-no travel” policy violators? It is good news. At least we are aware that the local office of the LTO is doing its job, and that the city seems to have compliant vehicle owners because only three have been apprehended so far.

     But who is really to blame for this fiasco in the new vehicle plate release? Is it the LTO? Or, is it the dealers as the LTO has claimed?

     Personally we are inclined to believe that the root of the problem is with the LTO. Let us just look into this scheme to rationalize our assumption. When a person buys a new vehicle and it is released to the buyer, the dealer submits the transaction documents to the LTO for registration.  Since the registration cannot be processed by the agency in a day’s time the buyer is issued through the dealer, a one week temporary permit to travel.

     Often times the one week duration of the temporary permit is extended not just for another week but even two or three more weeks. When finally the Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt (CR/OR) are released by the LTO the plate usually does not come along with it.

     How then can the dealer be responsible for the non-release of the vehicle plates?

     And what about the new plate that is supposed to replace the old ones? The LTO has already been collecting the P400 cost of the new plate to replace existing plate of old vehicles. But the replacement plate is not yet immediately available even as the fee is already collected.

     What is really the truth of all these seemingly deceptive manipulation of that unit of the Department of Transportation and Communication? Pray, tell the public.


     We are already starting to doubt the veracity of the weather forecast of the Philippine Atmospheric Geo-physical and Astronomical Administration (PAGASA) broadcast over radio and television as well as published in national and local newspapers.

     It’s been days that the PAGASA is forecasting light to moderate rains in certain areas in the country including Mindanao’s Socsargen, Davao Region and the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). But reports coming from these areas show otherwise.  In the Cotabato region farmlands are already dried up. Rice and corn as well as bananas are either wilted or totally dead. Lands are showing cracks because of dryness.

     On the other hand, the Davao provinces including Davao City are fast becoming a desert of sort. Irrigation canals are without water since the sources are already drying up.

     Waste water from residential, commercial and industrial enclaves drain quite fast since the city’s drainage system is literally free of rain water and some solid obstacles.

     All of the preceding dry and humid condition in most of Mindanao could only mean one thing: the weather in this island as it is also in other parts of the Philippines is not accurately forecasted by our expert weathermen at the PAGASA. Perhaps they keep on saying that rains could pour somewhere at certain time of the day and night to give the people false “pag-asa”.


     It looks like the adventurism of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV when he was still in the active service of the military has not morphed into a gentlemanly and professional character. Now that he is senator he seems to be even getting more reckless.

     Assuming that he has basis in claiming that Vice President Jejomar Binay and his son Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr., the present mayor of Makati City, “bought” the injunction from the Court of Appeals, it is still wrong to say that he (Trillanes) will expose the Binays’ paying the CA justices. Trillanes was right then and there, already charging the Binays and the justices of a crime that he has yet to secure evidence of its commission.

    His intentions could have not been doubted if he has gotten hold of the evidence first and presented it at the very time he opened his mouth to air his claim.

     Someday Trillanes will find himself being compromised by the consequences of his adventurous actions.


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