ROUGH CUTS| Trademarks of good leadership

DAVAOENOS should take their hats off Mayor Inday Sara Duterte Carpio for her decision to have the joint venture agreement between the city government and Mega Harbour Development Corp. for the Sta. Ana Port Area and Coastal development project.

Her move has gained for the city additional hectares in terms of land share from the original 5.9 hectares to a new total of eight hectares. She was also able to secure from Mega Harbour a commitment to re-develop an area along the coastal road to address the need for housing for some 3,500 informal settlers in the affected area. This re-development add-on is estimated to cost the developer some P1.1875 billion.

Indeed the mayor has shown that she is not just any person willing to subscribe to any binding agreement even if this was entered into by a previous administration headed by her own father. And her act is clearly doing the city good. Imagine having secured from the other party to the agreement  substantial concessions that could have just been enjoyed by the developer instesad of the people of Davao City!

And one thing that Davaoenos should not let pass unnoticed is the strategy of Mayor Sara to do her negotiations with Mega Harbour through letters and other document forms. She will never be suspected of anything since transactions can be traced through its paper trails by anyone interestd party.

There was however, one thing we failed to see included in the list of documents on the multi-billion peso project the mayor requested Mega Harbour to be submitted to her office. And this is the project’s Impact Assessment on the city’s traffic situation during and after the implementation.

We believe that this is extremely important because right now Davao City is already experiencing heavy vehicular traffic congestion  in its major thoroughfares. And the build-up is not just during certain hours of the day but all throughout.

We hope the non-inclusion is just in the news report and not in the mayor’s listing of documents for submission by Mega Harbour. And we are hoping as well that the project proponent also has this study and it is ready for submission to the Office of the City Mayor.


Our congratulations, too, to retired Police Superintendent Dionisio Abude for his appointment as the new chief of the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO). The same felicitation also goes to former CTTMO head Rhodelio Poliquit for his assumption as the top guy in the city’s Sidewalk Demolition and Drainage Maintenance Unit.

These two retired police officers have made their marks in their respective capacities while serving the police organization. We know Supt. Abude had been awarded both local and national plums while still station commander. From our recollection Superintendent Abude is a leading figure of a Non-Government Organization (NGO) supporting the police while engaging the community.

In the case of former CTTMO head Poliquit he used to be a leading police traffic officer who has endeared himself to the driving public due to his no-nonsense leadership in the enforcement of traffic rules and regulations.

We believe that these qualities of police officers and their devotion to their duties even as they also take cognizance of the need to engage the public are the primary reasons why they are still sought to continue in the public service even after their retirement from active service in the police organization.

Yes, these two gentlemen have remained in the public’s consciousness because they are doing the Davaoenos good. Very much unlike other police officers and men whose names are dominating the pages of newspapers and television and radio air time because of their alleged notoriety.

May retired police officers Abude and Poliquit continue to work for the greater good of the Davaoenos and remain true to their sworn duties as government servants.

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