ROUGH CUTS| They’ve suddenly become amnesiacs

LAST Friday morning Sen. Leila de Lima was arrested on one of the three charges related to illegal drugs filed against her. If her arrest is to be compared to a coin there are two sides of it.

     One side, the prosecution, claims the senator’s arrest is a clear manifestation that justice is working in this country. On De Lima’s camp her arrest is a travesty of justice. It is the government’s persecution of people who dare to cross swords with President Duterte.

     The arrest though has created a drama that many uninitiated would likely be goaded into manifesting sympathy to the accused lawmaker.

     The way coverage of the arrest implementation is being processed into news clearly portrays the senator as subject of government persecution instead of as part of the normal judicial process attendant to persons charged to have committed crimes against the establishment.

   Of course it is understandable since the accused is a high ranking government official and a leading critic of the President. She too, is a member of the Liberal Party whose leadership is reported to be standing four squares behind their Senate colleague.

     But then again, lady justice is supposed to be blind and staunchly fair. So, any one brought to its portal to stand trial should be treated regardless of status, position or gender.

     Still, the camp of the senator has been vocal about the shortcuts in procedures. Primarily it is complaining about the haste in the issuance of the warrant of arrest by the judge in whose sala one of the three cases was raffled. It is also questioning why the warrant was issued despite De Lima’s petition for judicial determination and subsequent quashing of her case.

     Apparently, De Lima’s camp has forgotten what the senator did to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo when she (De Lima) was Secretary of Justice during the time of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. She ordered the arrest of Arroyo even without warrant of arrest issued against her because no case was filed against the former President during that time. Arroyo was arrested upon De Lima’s order while she was on her way to the airport for a medical intervention travel abroad. The filing of the case against her came in much alter.

     Has the Senator, the rest of her legal team and supporters suddenly become amnesiacs?


     Indeed the development of Davao City is fast expanding into the outskirts of the metropolis. This can be seen very clearly in the transformation of such places as Cabantian, Indangan, Tigatto and Mandug in the city’s north district.

     It is also highly noticeable in the city’s southern, and northwestern sectors. Residential subdivisions are sprouting in such places as Mintal, Tugbok and even Calinan districts. Same nature of development is also seen in barangays Catalunan Grande, Catalunan Pequeno and in Tacunan.

     Last week the City Council approved the application for the development of the Altezza Grande in Catalunan Grande. This after the local legislative body was assured by the Davao City Water District (DCWD) that it can provide water to those who would be residing in the new residential enclave roughly ten kilometers away from downtown.

     We have passed by the area which is only less than half a kilometer away from the residence of a ranking city executive. The location is indeed ideal and its development will surely bring in new status of that part of the barangay.

     However, we would like to see the new subdivision rise like the way the Villar-owned residential place near the Mintal church. We hope to see a new subdivision not deprived of the trees that provide oxygen to the residents and greeneries to sooth the eyes of the people.

     For now, the location of the soon-to-rise housing project is still cradled with lush coconut trees, mangos and shrubs. If all these will be uprroted to give more marketable spaces for house buyers then the place would be rendered like remnants of open pit mining – bare in everything.

     We hope that the council, in approving the development of the new subdivision, has ensured that all mitigating measures are in place for any possible destructive attributes in the development plan.


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