Rough Cuts: Sara not running, PDigong not quitting

Ninety seven (97%) of Dabawenyos would back City Mayor Inday Sara if she runs for Senator in 2019, according to a survey conducted by the University of Mindanao’s Institute of Popular Opinion (UM-IPO).

Of course! For us, it should even be 100 percent. But will Mayor Sara run for the Senate in next year’s mid-term polls? We do not believe she will even if we want to be counted part of the 97 percent who would back her up. Our reason is that Mayor Sara has a different game plan and right now she is putting the foundation to ensure that the attainment of the very objective of her gameplan will be achieved without any hitch.

In one of our columns last week we shared our hunch that the city’s mayor will do a “Duterte the father” act. That is, that she will skip the 2019 polls but also leap-frog to a national position short of the Presidency but not the Senate in 2022.

Yes, we strongly believe that what is being eyed by Davao City Mayor Sara is the vice-presidency in 2022. Our reason is simple. If the shift to Federalism succeeds and the provision on the anti-dynasty in the proposed new Constitution is approved to the letter, then she can’t be accused of violating the Charter. Even her father who will be ending his term by that time cannot be charged of making a mockery of the primary law of the land which he himself is the leading proponent. And Sara is still very young. By the time the term of the next President ends in 2028 Sara will fully evolve into a mature political leader of her own and would be well-prepared for the rigors of the Presidency.

And again, if the government shifts to Federalism the mayor may already have her ready fallback game plan. That is, this time, depending on the final configuration of the Federal system, she could end up holding the Prime Minister’s portfolio.

Why? Well, let us not forget that Inday’s Hugpong ng Pagbabago is now becoming a huge magnetic ball. It seems to suck to its vortex every political group that is trying to survive from virtual annihilation of the system.

Was it not that only last week also several of the country’s supposed political parties whose members are even currently affiliated with the ruling majority coalition forged an alliance with the mayor’s Hugpong? And most of the political personalities who signed up with the alliance are those who are either seeking reelection in the Senate, House of Representatives, or those who are eyeing for election the first time. And they want Sara’s, and Hugpong’s endorsement. Now, if all, or even just the majority of Hugpong-endorsed/affiliated candidates win in the 2019 polls, then that would be Sara’s solid capital for a vice presidential run in 2022. Or, those winning endorsees could be the ticket of her party to become the majority in the Parliament under a Federal system. And if Sara wins a seat either in the regional Senate or district representatives her winning endorsees will be there to catapult her to the Prime Minister’s position.

Even if the new government structure will be similar to that of the United States model of Federalism, Sara will still have the edge of getting her party’s nomination to the presidency, Hugpong having had the most number of endorsed incumbents by that time.

Of course, as we said earlier, all of the ideas that we have put in print here are our personal hunch. Anyone has the freedom to dispute the same. But as we said, that is how we read Mayor Sara’s actuations these days. We know that the young executive of the city has the political cunning and shrewdness of her father. Add her own and that makes Sara an astute leader who can make and unmake the future of other aspiring national politicians but ensures hers.

Meanwhile, her father the President, showing his brand of dealing with political problems, did it again last week.

President Rodrigo Duterte speaking to an audience of businessmen intimated his desire to quit, reasoning that he is tired of his failure to stop the illegal drug trade in the country and of the continuous corruption in government, his strong and relentless campaign notwithstanding.

But will the President really resign? Of course not. How could he be serious in his statement when he set condition as to who he wants to be his successor? According to the President he will be comfortable quitting if a military junta will rule the country next; or men like Senator Chiz Escudero, or even protesting losing vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos. But not incumbent VP Leni Robredo.

So, he is definitely not serious in resigning. How could he when all the conditions he set cannot be done? And the present situation of the country cannot be basis for him to declare martial law.

Again, his hint could be another of those presidential strategy of testing the pulse of the people.

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