ROUGH CUTS| Pope’s best message: Put down i-phones and talk

WE CONGRATULATE  third district councilor Dr. Bernard Al-ag for pursuing the street food ordinance that he has introduced in the city council some time ago.

At first glance, the ordinance is very simple. In reality however, it has great impact and will give a lot of benefits to the public if approved and implemented properly.

We agree with councilor Al-ag that the original version which aims to ban the selling of food items on road sides was not the appropriate thing to do. Had that version been the one deliberated by the council many would have trooped to the Sanggunian to protest. Imagine the number of people losing their livelihood selling food stuff along the city’s major roads!

Moreover, many ordinary people will have been deprived of the opportunity to eat cheap yet delicious meal if the original version of the food street ordinance is the one to be approved by the city council.

Yes, we agree that the new version is more democratic and pro-masses. And we believe that by mandating a compulsory training on food handling, preparation and sanitation for those who would want to engage in the street food business is the best that the councilor ever thought of.

It is this kind of ordinance that is no product of copy cats that will last a lifetime in the hearts and minds of the people.


     One regulatory agency is reported set to implement cash-less transactions.

Will this system include the non-legitimate payments for under the table deals? We do not know really. But one thing certain, the so-called fixers that for decades the said government agency has been banding around as being eradicated have remained active and even more aggressive in doing their thing.

These fixers are actually the ones who are bringing in the money to the “cooperativized” money handlers in that office.

Actually, the corruption in all regulatory agencies of government is systemic. From the design of its personnel structure it already assured that graft and corruption will remain in those offices and cling there like leeches.

How many applications for registration renewals are submitted to these agencies daily? If the normal procedures are to be adopted perhaps applicants will have to count months before inspections will be conducted. What with only so few inspectors compared to the number to be inspected.

The same scheme also applies to applicants for building and electrical permits at City Hall.

That is possibly the reason why there are casual or “job order” employees in certain regulatory agencies who are happy with their status even if they could have been absorbed in the plantilla. Why, they make more money serving as “errand” boys and girls or simply the “link” between the regulars and the fixers.


     Personally, what we would consider as the best admonition of Pope Francis to the family is the one where the Santo Padre asked family members to put down their i-Phones and talk to one another.

Yes, nowadays with so many sophisticated communications gadgets made easily available to family members, they now forget one very important strategy for effective communication – talk with one another. From the father to the mother, to the eldest down to the youngest child, each one has his own high tech communication equipment that can easily be manipulated by their bare hands and fingers.

But having such however, the effectiveness of the spoken words is virtually relegated to the kitchen sink. Sometimes we can observe family members tinkering with their communications gadget while having meals.

There are even situations when mothers simply put their instructions for their children in text messages. Both husband and wife have remained working and even transferred their work place right in their houses using their lap taps and cellular phones.

And the children too are doing their own thing through their gadgets.

As a consequence a lot of homes have already become abodes of speechless individuals. In the end, we should not be surprised if families who are provided with the best in communication equipment deteriorate without any one member knowing why.


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