ROUGH CUTS| P’Noy’s SONA: Impressive, yes, but…

ON THE SURFACE the State of the Nation Address of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III speaks of a government accomplishment that is ideal and desired by the people. But whether or not such accomplishment really exists is another story.

     Besides, was the president really certain of the facts and figures he has narrated in his SONA? If not, then in all likelihood he could have been mouthing a lot of window-dressed concoction prepared by his department secretaries who would rather tell half-truths to the President just to protect their own skin.

   The President’s SONA however, appears to be oblivious of the many commitments he made in his earlier SONAS as well as in his political campaign promises that were not met.

     Yes, his administration has gained some headway in fighting corruption. But records will show that what have been done in relation to the anti-corruption campaign are all directed to those whose acts were allegedly committed prior to the President’s assumption, not those committed during his term by his own men.

     And who are those who are facing charges? They are government officials who have at one time or another done something that the President may have considered disadvantageous to his family and their business interests. And most of them are also his political enemies. So we cannot fault some sectors of the population to doubt that the so-called anti-corruption drive of the administration is actually the President’s vindictiveness in disguise.

     Of course the President’s SONA is impressive in the sense that it detailed what he thinks he had done in the last five years of his administration based on the report submitted to him by his Cabinet secretaries.

     But one thing that has created some blots in President Aquino’s erstwhile beautiful SONA is his continued putting the blame of the country’s problems that he failed to address on the previous administration.

     Assuming that indeed he has inherited some serious ills in governance from his predecessor, is not five years long enough for the President to correct the ills? He has all the powers and the popularity to mount campaigns to institutionalize corrective measures.

     Another thing that we can consider as inappropriate for inclusion in a SONA is his scathing swipe at Vice President Jejomar Binay whose statement he quoted rather sarcastically even as the Vice President was one those who came to listen to his address. It was actually an open spiting of Vice President Binay at the same time virtually shaming him in front of dignitaries who were invited to listen to the President make his final State of the Nation Address.

   Had President Aquino shown humility by pointing to where he failed and admitting them instead of blaming previous administrations and his government’s current critics, without doubt even those who do not like him personally as well as his governance, would have appreciated him for such act.

     But no, the President seems so proud telling his bosses, the people, that he cannot do any wrong, and that what he has done in the last five years is his best, and the best.

     Well, the outcome of the 2016 national elections will tell us if the President is indeed correct in his judgment of himself.


     We’d like to congratulate Davao Oriental Governor Corazon N. Malanyaon for her dogged determination to improve the services of the Provincial Hospital of that eastern Davao Province.

     We read in the papers that the lady governor has inaugurated a new annex building to the 200-bed medical facility. Earlier, according to the report, the governor embarked on a project providing the Capitol-run hospital with the latest in state-of-the-art medical equipment. The purpose of course, is to make the hospital at par with other government-operated tertiary health facilities not just in the Southern Mindanao region but in the whole of Mindanao as well.

     With the new annex building, the hospital will now be able to provide such amenities as suite rooms, private rooms, and semi-private rooms that will give patients as well as their families the best hospital experience they could get.

     In effect, people can find private hospital amenities in that province-run hospital in Davao Oriental.

     Indeed we can say that the hospital expansion is another landmark accomplishment of the lady provincial executive. It is just unfortunate for the province because Governor Malanyaon is in her last term.

     But maybe she can also be a perfect representative of the province to the national lawmaking body. She was once, and there is no doubt she would still be, may be even better


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