ROUGH CUTS| One misdirected warning

TODAY is another Sunday, the last for the month of May. Today’s gospel is taken from Deuteronomy Chapter 4, Verses 32-40 titled “Warning against Idolatry’. It says:

32 “Search the past, the time before you were born, all the way back to the time when God created the human beings on the earth. Search the entire earth. Has anything as great as this ever happened before? Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?

33 Have any people ever lived after hearing a god speak to them from a fire, as you have.

34 Has any god ever dared to go and take a people from another nation and make them his own, as the Lord your God did for you in Egypt? Before your very eyes he used his great power and strength, he brought plagues and war, worked miracles and wonders, and caused terrifying things to happen.

35 The Lord has shown you this, to prove to you that he alone is God, and that there is no other.

36 He let you hear his voice from heaven so that he could instruct you, and here on earth he let you see his holy fire, and he spoke to you from it.

37 Because he loved your ancestors, he chose you, and by his great power he himself brought you out of Egypt.

38 As you advanced, he drove out nations greater and more powerful than you, so that he might bring you in and give you their land, the land which still belongs to you.

39 So, remember today and never forget: the Lord is God in heaven and on earth. There is no other God.

40 Obey all his laws that I have given you today, and all will go well with you and your descendants. You will continue to live in the land that the Lord your God is giving you to be yours forever.”

The gospel no doubt, needs no further explaining or interpreting. The words are clear and the message is direct.

However, this present time has made the message of the gospel even more compelling. It warns of idolatry and the warning is appropriate because of the proliferation of organizations taking the name of God in vain.

And it talks of obedience to the laws of God more manifested by the laws of the land the spirits of which emanate from all of God’s laws.


We believe that the warning of Dr. Domalyn Villareiz, co-chair of Davao City’s Anti-smoking task force (ASTF), to store owners to remove huge tarpaulin advertisements of cigarette products is misdirected.

The store owners are definitely not the owners of the huge cigarette ads. The manufacturers or the big time distributors through their advertising agencies, are.

Imagine the cost of producing even just one large advertisement for outdoors! It does not talk of a few thousand pesos. Rather, it involves a hundred thousand or even bigger. Then the advertiser will have to rent a bill board space on a per square foot rate. Add to it the cost of power needed to illumine the outdoor ad.

Now, will a small time sari-sari store owner be willing to spend that large sum just so an outdoor ad could be installed to help market their limited number of reams or packs of the health risky merchandise?

For certain, the answer to the question by store owners would be a resounding NO!

The manufacturers of cigarettes of course, are the ones putting the giant tarpaulin outdoor commercials. They have the money to foot the advertisement bills even as they need to grow their business.

We are therefore recommending that Dr. Villareiz refocus her gun to the manufacturers or wholesale dealers of cigarette and related products. They are the right entity for her warning.

Carry on Doc.

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