ROUGH CUTS| Narco money and the ‘Great Raid’

SOME alleged Manila-based operators of certain candidates for President are reportedly hatching a “great raid” plan on a supposedly existing illegal drugs laboratory in Davao City.

     The purpose, according to former North Cotabato governor Emmanuel Pinol, is to discredit Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who is known nationally for his campaign against the prohibited drugs.

     Well, with most, if not all of the country’s drug syndicates based in the capital region, it is not far-fetched that narco money could be behind such an operation. The syndicate leaders know that they will be in for rough times if the Davao City mayor wins the Presidential election.

     Thus, this early they are already doing some pre-emptive moves to ensure that Duterte will not win. And one of them of course, is to organize a team of scalawags from the various law enforcement agencies with offices in Manila and their own syndicate members to set up a laboratory in the heart of Davao City.

     With their wide network and connections, the syndicate may be able to sneak in the laboratory equipment without much hassle. Money talks, they say.

     But there is also the possibility that a laboratory is already in place and may just be located in an area or building that appears far from being suspicious as some legitimate companies might be used as fronts.

     We have this deduction based on that incident in one of the private ports in Davao City not long ago.

     Remember the multi-million worth of cocaine accidentally discovered hidden in the insulating foam of cargo containers?

     While there was no certainty that the cocaine bags were intended for a Davao City consignee it was one indication that drug syndicates from other countries and even from other places in the Philippines continue to find ways to move their illegal products. Hence, Davao City authorities could not allow complacency if they are to protect its reputation as nemesis of illegal drug traders.

     And assuming that the Manila conspirators in the alleged “Great Raid” will really be able to execute a raid on a laboratory that they themselves conspired to put up, we are dead certain that they have to do their best efforts to make things appear real in all aspects of the execution.

     Their “great raid” could get the earth to get rid of them.


     Yesterday Davao City Mayor and presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte showed that indeed he is one very astute politician.

     He told the Commission on Elections point blank that it cannot compel him to join the debate for Presidentiables set in Cagayan de Oro City early next month.

     According to the mayor, technically, he is not yet a candidate because his candidacy has not been officially affirmed by the Comelec . Yes, his certificate of candidacy has been accepted, but the COMELEC has yet to resolve his standing disqualification cases.

     So, Duterte is now asking the COMELEC why they are inviting him to join the debate. Yes, why indeed is the Comelec  urging Duterte to participate in the debate? Is the COMELEC giving away its stand on the disqualification cases filed against the Davao City mayor? It seems it is.


     We are at this again. And we refer to our continuing vigilance of the performance of the contractor of the Department of Public Works and Highways, City Engineering District that has gobbled up a P52 million three stretch of road concreting areas in Davao City’s third district.

     The longer portion of the road work from Sitio Acasia in Biao Eskwela up to Matina Biao has already been completed. And it is about 1.7 kilometer long. However, the 200-meter stretch in Talandang proper has a remaining unfinished portion of roughly 15 meters combined.

     The same contractor is now doing the excavation of the old 4-meter, 150 or more meter concrete road shortly before Crossing New Valencia from Talandang.

     What is intriguing us is that it has been several days since the unfinished portions have been tampered by the contractor. Yet, until now not a drop of concrete has been poured. What is even sadder is that the contractor seems to have simply forgotten that these days are the most appropriate season to complete the project. What with the long dry weather which definitely will hasten the cement’s drying.

     And think about this. The project was started sometime last July yet. That is a good six months already.

     Now, didn’t we say before that the implementation of the said road concreting project is one for the books? Thick face.


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