Rough Cuts | Maneuver ‘par excellence’

Top news caption says, CPP: Intensify fight vs. ‘U.S.-Duterte regime’

Really? After all the President’s open attacks against the United States and its policies towards the Philippines the Communist insurgents still think the present leadership is lovey-dovey with Uncle Sam?

Just because the President has shown light heart with the incumbent U.S. leader the present regime is already seen by the CPP-NPA as American lackey?

President Duterte is not hiding his administration’s foreign policy pivot to Communist China and Russia. And this change in Duterte’s foreign policy direction has been the subject of scathing denunciations by his critics especially those who wanted the favorable Arbitral Tribunal ruling on the Philippines’ claim of certain islands in the West Philippine Sea enforced by the Duterte administration.

Yet, the Communist rebels’ leadership still insists on making the people believe that there is a ‘U.S.-Duterte’ conspiracy in the control of the Philippine government.

We are waiting for the time when the CPP-NPA would start calling on the people to intensify fight against ‘China-Duterte regime.’

Or, should they just admit that they could not afford to bite the hands that feed them and their struggle for the longest time, and the very source of the ideology they had been espousing for so long.

We are not yet ready to believe reports emanating from the national capital that Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio had a hand in the coup d’état of the leadership of the House of Representatives last Monday.

According to broadcast reports in Manila citing certain congressmen as sources, Mayor Inday reportedly called members of Congress requesting them to execute measures that would lead to the ouster of erstwhile Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, a representative of Davao del Norte’s one of two districts.

But it dawns on us that a few months back Mayor Sara minced no words lambasting Alvarez for allegedly calling her and her newly organized regional political group “Hugpong ng Pagbabago” an opposition to his President father’s PDP-Laban Party. Their enmity even heated up further when, according to Mayor Inday, Alvarez boasted that he could even unseat the President.

Of course the former Speaker categorically denied the charges. With the denial and the “relative peace” that followed the initial verbal tussles, many thought the feud between Mayor Inday and the former Speaker had been settled.

Apparently it was not, and that this was confirmed with the series of meetings among groups from the majority coalition members of the House. What sealed our thought that indeed there was a brewing coup in the House was when the session was resumed after a long break, Cebu congresswoman Gwen Garcia who was presiding suddenly adjourned the proceedings.

But again, the coup d’état appeared to be already a done deal. An hour before the President made his SONA, and in the presence of dignitaries and other important guests, the coup players passed around a signed manifesto declaring the Speakership vacant and announcing the election to the speakership of former President and now Pampanga Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

To put legitimacy Arroyo went up the stage and took her oath as new Speaker with the youngest House member officiating.

The question now is, how much influence did mayor Inday exert on the House members to make them kowtow her line? Was the House coup execution really at the instance of the lady mayor of Davao City?

Our take is that she could have only been the convenient vehicle for the leadership change. There could be silent sectors in Congress who, for long, wanted to do away with Alvarez but could not come out in the open. After all they could not risk losing the budget of their projects in their respective districts.

And these congressmen may have found Mayor Sara’s rift with Alvarez the best opportunity to bring their intention to the surface without them exposing their identities ahead.

Apparently Alvarez also sealed his own fate when he floated the idea of no election in Congress to forcefully push for the adoption of the President’s proposal for Charter change and converting our present government system into a Federal form.

According to Buhay Partylist Congressman Lito Atienza, that move by the former Speaker was “the last straw that breaks the camel’s back,” Alvarez’s back, that is.

So, it is possible the President’s hands are not totally clean insofar as Alvarez’s ouster is concerned. Only, it was Sara’s name that is in the forefront.

That’s maneuver ‘par excellence.’

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