ROUGH CUTS| Just do it, and do it now

NPA attacks, unreliable policies will kill banana industry. This is what some of the leading executives of large banana plantations whose farms are slowly losing its productivity because of the reasons prior cited are saying.

And we say AMEN to that.

For how could we say to the contrary when we have certain government officials suddenly questioning Joint Venture Agreements (JVA) entered by one banana plantation with government a long time ago, renewed for a new term of 25 years after thorough scrutiny by government lawyers and lawmakers? Yet, suddenly some do-gooders in the bureaucracy find it disadvantageous to the government.

Again how could we not say AMEN if we have fellow Filipinos who are rebelling against the government for its lack of compassion on the down-trodden farmers conducting raids on plantation facilities and in the process creating a new group of disadvantaged sector in the community?

And they are doing all these even as their leaders are supposedly in the thick of negotiations with the government for an end to the insurgency!

How can this country ever hope of attaining the kind of socio-economic progress that the people and their leaders desire for so long when stumbling blocks are laid every inch of the way either by the government itself, or those fighting against it?

Yes indeed, the banana industry is like the native delicacy called in the local dialect as “bibingka.” It’s all fire under and over.


If we were the management of the Davao City Water District (DCWD) we would have refrained from making announcement of its plan to undertake a project that will tap the Dumoy service connection to improve water pressure in some areas in Cabantian and in Ilang, all in the second district.

It would have done the water firm more good if it just proceed with the implementation of the reservoir project and let the people in the areas discover it for themselves. It can make a big splash when the reservoir is completed and ready to serve the water needs of its more than 10 thousand consumers in those parts of the city.

And why are we saying this? Of course it is because the announcement will only affirm the claim of some observers that the water company was not able to anticipate the development of the Cabantian-Bunawan area into a new industrial, commercial and residential enclave.

If the DCWD has indeed anticipated as its management has claimed in its series of advisories, then the construction of a big reservoir tapped to its Dumoy service connection should have been done a long time ago. It should have preceded the construction of its multi-storey office building considering the complaints of consumers in Cabantian and Buhangin areas. After all, is not the reservoir project only worth P30 million as per its announcement? That is a peanut of a project compared to that edifice in Matina.

Anyhow, if plans will not miscarry, the reservoir construction will be completed by December this year, according to our friend lawyer Bernard Delima, DCWD spokesman. We are hoping residents of the different subdivisions in Cabantian-Buhangin-Bunawan areas targetted to benefit from the project in terms of steady water supply can still suffer a little longer. December is not far away.

It could be the best gift they will receive from DCWD for Christmas 2017. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and trust that the DCWD make good its commitment on schedule.


Human rights group Karapatan-Southern Mindanao is complaining of human rights violation by the military accusing the latter of using aerial bombs against the New People’s Army (NPA) rebels during an encounter in sitio Cabagtukan, in barangay Dominga, Calinan district last Wednesday.

Many are asking if that same rights group did not find any violation to the rights of employees of the packaging and plastic manufacturing companies when they were virtually deprived of their livelihood as a consequence of the simultaneous burning to the ground of the firms’ facilities.

Maybe those who are raising the question deserve an honest answer from the rights group; an answer that should not be laced with acid of its own advocacy but with only the fairness of intentions.


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