Rough Cuts | How to ‘hostage’ government

Here is this one unusual “strategy” of taking the government hostage and the entire Filipino population just to get what certain entities want.

We are referring to the announcement of Social Security System (SSS) president and chief executive officer Emmanuel Dooc that the second tranche of P1000 from the approved P2,000 increase in the monthly pension of retirees should be deferred. Instead of in 2019, the P1,000 be broken up and “scattered” during the remaining years of President Rodrigo Duterte’s term.
Dooc’s argument is that granting the same in 2019 would result to the depletion of the SSS funds allocated for retirees’ pension in the next seven years.
The pension firm executive though, gave some window of hope that it could be granted in full but the additional P1,000 should be released instead in 2020. But at the same time, according to the SSS president, the government should allow a new upward adjustment in the SSS premium.
Wow! What a way of putting forward an unusual kind of bargaining chip just to make sure the SSS gets what it wanted — additional money that will supposedly guarantee the long life of the SSS funds.
But wait, was it not last week that the same SSS announced that the pension agency has upped its collections in monthly premium from P4 billion last year to P6 billion this year on the same period?
Something is funny here. It is possible that the heads of the various departments or units of the SSS are not properly communicating with each other. Hence, the information that might have reached the desk of the SSS top honcho may already be “toxic.”
Or, there is also the chance that the “fake” information is deliberately planned to create a situation where the pensioners’ minds would be conditioned to accept the delay of the release of the second tranche of P1,000.
And here is another glaring indication of mismanagement of people’s money put in trust with the Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth).
Last week the acting president of the health insurance firm of the government was put in the limelight by the Commission on Audit (COA) due to its findings that the lady executive, one Cristina dela Cerna, spent over P.6 million in traveling and lodging expenses in the year 2017.
Despite the humongous amount taken from the Philhealth coffer, Dela Cerna insisted that the huge expenses are all above board. She claimed that her travel and lodging expenses have the authority of the board.
And it does not matter even if she has been staying in a condominium while working in the PhilHealth head office. Again, she claimed that she has the board approval for appropriating such perk to herself.
But here is the catch. Middle of last week a report emanating from Manila said several small hospitals all over the country could possibly stop operation.
The reason, according to the report, is that PhilHealth has not paid them what they are supposed to be reimbursed. And their collectibles from the government health insurance firm is fast accumulating to the point that the hospitals are deprived of the money to roll their operation.
What happened? Where has all the members’ contribution gone? Has it been siphoned to the travelling and lodging and other allowances of the acting President and other top PhilHealth executives?
Looks like it is. Imagine PhilHealth unable to reimburse small hospitals but fast like lightning in paying for the travelling and lodging expenses of its acting President!
We don’t have any iota of an idea what could have prodded President Rodrigo Duterte in disclosing to the public that China is ready to prevent any attempt to have him forcibly ousted from office. And by forced ouster it could only mean a coup d’état. And by dragging China into the picture the possibility is that the President could have been talking of a coup d’état inspired or supported by other countries.
While there was no direct mention of a particular country that would provide the support, financial or material or even manpower for such an operation, by insinuation the President could have referred to the United States as potential backer or “inspirer.”
Yes, because it is the only country he mentioned as having “lost its will to fight” in the event that there will be armed confrontation over territorial or economic rivalry.
Of course we know that nowadays, no one will ever try to find out whether the US has indeed “lost the will to fight.” Man-to-man combat may be, because they’d rather preserve their people than save on their war equipment. It is common knowledge that the US is the leading power in war automation.
But we agree that by disclosing China’s commitment to protect Duterte from any attempt to unseat him could create some tingling sensation on the nape of those who may be thinking of launching a coup d’état against the President, other countries’ backing notwithstanding.

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