ROUGH CUTS| Doing away additional school expenses

TWO POLICE officers assigned in Mati City, Davao Oriental were found positive of illegal drugs use. The discovery was made when a team from the Police Regional Office (PRO) XI conducted a random drug test on policemen assigned in that Oriental city’s police station.

Upon subsequent inspection the room of one of the policemen also yielded assorted illegal drugs paraphernalia.

Clearly this could not be coincidental finding two policemen positive with illegal drugs use and retrieving items known to be used in taking the drugs.

But why did it take too long for the police anti-illegal drugs unit to sniff the most unthinkable activities of their kind in that police station?

The two police officials, and perhaps all other policemen in other parts of the country who are into illegal drugs use or are involved in the illegal drugs trade could not be that blatant as maintaining drugs paraphernalia right inside their offices if they have no assurance of getting away with it.

If this is happening now, then very clearly there are police officials having higher ranks than those arrested or suspected to be engaged in the illegal drugs use and trade who could be closing their eyes pretending not to see the shenanigans of their subordinates. It is also possible that these high ranking police executives are on the payroll of the big-time drugs traders.

And if those involved are doing it all by themselves, it is likely that they have been stealing the confiscated illegal drugs that are supposed to be used as evidence against the arrested drugs traders.

All these things are good enough clue for President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and his designated national police director general Chief Supt. Ronald dela Rosa to work on to make good their promise of ridding the country from the clutches of illegal drugs.


We agree with some quarters that there is need to reassess the intention of President-elect Duterte for public schools to do away with student uniforms.

From our understanding of the incoming President’s statement his intention of issuing such is to ease the burden of parents in sending their children to school especially during enrollment period when they have to buy school supplies and other items needed by their children during classes.

Perhaps the President-elect is not aware that it is even more expensive for parents to buy more clothes for their children who will be changing their garbs on a daily basis. So, the students will need at least four dresses in a week. This is minus the day when they are into physical education. But PE activities also need uniform. Does the mayor’s apparent mandate also cover doing away with PE uniform?

Then there is that possibility the students will be picking fights with drivers who will not honor IDs in granting fare discounts. So, instead of saving on transportation expenses the students could end up spending more or even getting traumatized from their daily haggling with public utility vehicle drivers just to be able to get fare discounts due them.

And there is that ego-boosting sense of identification and belongingness to both generation level and alma mater. We were young and students once. And we feel so proud to be known as “mga estudyante” and we love to hear being known as students of this and that school.

In this context we believe that it would not be asking too much from the incoming chief executive of the country to reconsider his intention of ordering the schools not to require their students to wear uniforms.

After all, there are other school-related projects and activities that can be done away with if only to help lessen the burden of parents in sending their children to school. But government has of course to come in and provide or increase the funds given for maintenance, operating and other expenses (MOOE).

In the present setup schools organize the Parents Teachers and Community Association (PTCA) ostensibly to help implement some projects that would benefit the students.

Most if not all schools now have classrooms with individual comfort rooms within. Supposedly, this will prevent students from going out to answer calls of nature but intentionally procrastinate. These attached lavatories are projects realized through contributions from parents.

School compounds are also fenced through the efforts of the PTCA; so are room accessories such as ceiling and wall funds and even refrigerators and air-condition units. Security guard salaries are also paid by the school PTCA.

Perhaps all these school enhancement programs and projects must be included in the preparation of annual budget for submission to the DepEd and to the Local Government School Board. If this can be allocated with funds then there will be no need to badger parents for whatever contribution.

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