ROUGH CUTS| Determining the cause of the collapse

A REPRESENTATIVE of the City Engineer’s Office (CEO) of Davao who is one of those looking into the possible cause of the collapse of a service road of a leading mall in Bajada is saying that it was heavy water pressure that did it in.

According to one Engr. Larry Fernandez the build-up of the water pressure in the vicinity of the mall and the still under construction high rise condominium tower has caused the diaphragm wall installed by the workers of the tower in its excavation site to rapture. Thus, when the wall could not anymore hold against the water pressure, the excavation finally gave in. As the wall barred down, sudden erosion resulted affecting the mall’s service road right beside the construction site.

Well, there is no doubt that the question on what caused the collapse may have already been provided the answer with the disclosure of Engr. Fernandez.

The next issue that has to be resolved is: Up to what level will the probers go? Will they limit themselves to finding the answer of the question of what caused the collapse of the road, or will they go deeper on the matter of determining why was there a water pressure build-up and why was  it not anticipated by the mall and condo tower construction managements?

Perhaps the executives of these two giant companies are not talking with each other. Had they poured their brains together the collapse of the service road of the mall could not have happened.

We all know that the condo tower is erected too close to the mall. And being a high rise building it definitely needs to dig a very deep excavation to ensure stability of its foundation.

But from what the CEO guy has disclosed to the media that water pressure was the immediate cause of the collapse then the engineers of the firm undertaking  the construction of the multi-storey mixed residential/commercial tower may have neglected one very important parameter in building erection – underground water pressure.

But we are glad the incident had happened at this early stage of the construction. At least the damage is minimal and introducing some corrective measures is not yet costly.


     We agree that some officials of the Philippine National Police assigned in the Sta. Cruz Police station and were on duty when a retired army man lobbed a grenade inside resulting to the death of two persons and wounding of several others should not be taken off the hook unless investigation will show them clearly not culpable.

But how can the police executives escape culpability when they already arrested the retired army man and already brought the grenade thrower to the police station?

Have those guys forgotten routine procedures in handling an arrested person?  Are not the police supposed to bodily search and inspect a suspect to really find out if he has no concealed weapon of whatever kind.

Apparently they did not. Instead, the policemen at the Sta. Cruz Police station only confiscated the deadly weapons they actually saw as they ushered in the grenade thrower. Their failure to conduct a thorough body check allowed the retired military man to bring inside the police station two of his grenades hidden in his underwear.

The next thing was none other but the bloody mess that left the grenade thrower and a retired policeman friend of his dead. The explosion also left another six policemen wounded.

Yes, we believe that all of the policemen on duty during that time and were inside the Sta. Cruz Police station were culpable of certain lapses. However, the degree of their culpability may vary. But what we are certain about is that the arresting officer/s failed miserably in following proper procedures.

On the other hand, the station in-charge during that time could be held liable for allowing a retired policeman and classmate of the grenade thrower to intervene in the process.

That incident, we believe, should serve as lesson to our policemen.  A repeat of that incident should not happen. Otherwise our policemen would end up laughing stocks.

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