Rough Cuts | Challenges to the new barangay captain

Now that the new set of officials who were elected during the May 14, 2018 barangay elections have assumed office they should now settle down and keep stock of their priorities in improving their respective communities.

Specifically for Barangay Calinan in Calinan District, we have these challenges to Barangay Captain Ursie Ungab.

First, is for him to find ways that the open canals on both sides of the road from the L-300 PU terminal to Edaka Hardware a few feet away from a thrift bank, be de-silted. The second challenge is for the new barangay chief to have the dumping and collection of garbage from the market on the roadside adjacent a leading drug store to another day of the week and not on Sundays.

Yes, Kapitan Ursie, if you can find time please walk through that road from the terminal we have mentioned early on up to the hardware we also named herein.

You’d surely not miss seeing that the canals on both sides are already very heavily silted. A few years back when these were still newly dug, the open drainage was about a meter deep and also about a meter wide.

Last Sunday when we walked through the same road, the canals, well, both are still almost a meter wide. However, these are already only about a foot deep.

Confounding the drainage condition is that aside from being almost totally full of silt the wastewater passing through whatever is left of the canals’ previous depth, is also blocked by all forms of plastic and other debris thrown wantonly by our undisciplined fellow citizens in that part of Davao City.

The plastic waste that we saw impeding the flow of waste water include soft drinks bottles, marketing bags, ice water and ice candy wrappers, empty bottled water containers, sachets of shampoos, empty tetra packs, and others such as punctured basket and volley balls, barbecue sticks, and some market refuse that apparently lazy stall owners just dumped into the open drainage.

On the other hand, it’s been several Sundays already that we have personally noticed that garbage bins full to the brim are brought to the spot we have earlier mentioned here. These receptacles are not anymore covered because each bin has garbage contents too many that covering them cannot just be done without risking destruction of the cover.

Making the situation even worst is that stall holders who have no more bins to throw their garbage brought it to the area and just dump the refuse on whatever available space surrounding the overly full bins.

The result is that flies and other pests swarm the refuse dump and feast on the garbage. Adding to the unsightly situation is the obnoxious odor of garbage, mostly rotting and/or decaying matters, which mixes with the air. Thus, Sunday market goers passing by the area cannot help but inhale the contaminated air.

Yes, we believe that these challenges are possibly minor ones and doable by the barangay government even without support from the city or the Congressional Office of the third district where the present tenant is also Kapitan Ursie’s cousin.

Actually, it is no secret that Calinan, with its present level of development and population, is getting a substantial share from the government’s Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) from where barangay projects can be funded.

So, the Kapitan can have some flexibility in finding resources to fund such project as de-silting not only the open canals along the road we have mentioned in this piece, but also the open drainage within the Calinan poblacion area like the one fronting the present barangay hall and the Calinan District Administration office.

The effect of the over-silted open canals has already adversely impacted on the barangay. There were times when strong rains fell in the area for over an hour, the Calinan poblacion experienced flooding.

Flood waters inundated some market stalls located outside of the main buildings, and some residences not far from the back of the parish church and fronting a well-known supermarket along the Davao-Bukidnon highway.

As to our second challenge to Kapitan Ursie, maybe he can work it out with the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) to re-schedule its garbage collection day. Instead of during Sundays have it on weekdays when less people flock to the market.

We think it’s unfair to his constituents to make them see on regular basis and on a busy day dirty sights, and make smell odor that is revolting to the stomach.

Wonder if any of Kapitan Ursie’s constituents believe that the challenges we make here is non-attainable at the barangay government level.


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