Rough cuts | By all indications, the service is lousy

A CLOSE acquaintance of ours who is a subscriber of SkyCable came to us about 8 in the evening of March 22 showing exasperation about what she considers a very lousy service of the cable television company.

According to this subscriber whose residence is at Catalunan Grande, last Thursday towards noon was the nth time the signal of SkyCable suddenly shut off. What appeared on the screen instead was a notice that says, “Cable service is currently unavailable; make sure cable connector is plugged tightly to digibox; and call our hotline to report problem.

The subscriber told us that the displayed instructions were followed to the letter. And when it was found out that nothing was loose in any of the connectors to the digibox the call was made to the hotline number found on the cable service provider’s bill.

After several tries the subscriber told us that the call got through. However, the voice at the other end, apparently a computerized recording, instructed to press another number to connect to service department.

When finally a live voice answered at the other end the complaining subscriber told us there was an advice to wait as there might be some technical defects in the signal. It was to be looked into immediately. But the wait ended up much, much longer. So the subscriber claimed that another call was made. The same thing happened. The live voice at the cable provider’s service department basically gave the same answer. The subscriber said another long wait was made and still the cable service did not come back. By the time another follow-up call was made, it was already past 5 o’clock in the afternoon, according to the subscriber. The SkyCable subscriber further told us that when the succeeding calls on the hotline number were made not even the recorded message came to life. The phone just kept on ringing as if there was no more tomorrow.

The irate subscriber told us that by the time we had our conversation the signal was not showing any indication of coming sooner.

This time, the subscriber said, the SkyCable’s hotline was becoming literally hot. Why, because the phone receiver was already too long rubbing to the ear causing it turned hot like a potato just taken out from a cooking pot.

Worst, there was no attempt by a SkyCable’s service department personnel to apprise the subscriber of the status of the action requested, we were told.

Indeed, we have reason to agree with the subscriber that the apparent inaction of the cable television service provider on the complaint is without doubt an indication of one hell of a lousy service.

Why can’t SkyCable ape other public utilities — apologize to their customers who are denied of their service for hours since the loss is not deducted from their monthly bill.

(NB: The cable service was restored at about 9:20 the next morning (Friday, March 23, 2018) almost 24 hours after it went kaput).


We are not surprised that the strongest backer of the bill in the Lower House calling for the postponement for the third time of the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections scheduled this coming May 14, 2018 is the Association of Barangay Councils (ABC). Why, because the incumbent barangay executives will stand to benefit if their terms are further extended minus the election process.

This is probably the reason why the members of the Lower House are also feverishly working for the extension of their own term. Yes, they are insisting on a long transition period in the event of the approval of a new charter allowing for the change in the present government structure to a Federal system. They see the long transition process as the best vehicle for them to hold on to their Congressional post without the benefit of an election. It is therefore very clear that the ABC’s and congressmen’s acts are supportive of each other’s greed for power.

But then, even if the House bill is already passed, still it amounts to nothing because according to Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel II there is still no counterpart bill on the election postponement in the Upper House. And Congress does not anymore have time to pass a law deferring the Barangay and SK polls.

Meanwhile, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) through its spokesman James Jimenez, is saying that “No law, no stopping polls.”

So, there it is citizens of this Republic. The barangay officials who are salivating for the hassle and expenses free extension of their terms may end up swallowing back their saliva.

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