ROUGH CUTS| An unusual police activity

THIS IS a little bit late. However, we would be doing some kind of disservice if we would not give space to this innovative and novel idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day by our Davao City Police Office (DCPO) under City Director Michael John Dubria.

It was the first time that we saw our policemen led by the City Director himself spending their time off from the daily grind of keeping the city’s peace and order and instead visiting a home for the aged in Buhangin. They brought them gifts that were symbols of love and care by those who are supposed to love their aged relatives. The policemen and women of the DCPO were like long lost children of the wards of that charitable institution. And we saw it in the eyes of those aged recipients of the gifts. And we also clearly saw it from the faces of the aged that they could have wanted such visit for so long already. Happiness was all over their faces in the same way that the policemen and women visitors seemed to have exuded.

This is the kind of police activity that could easily redeem the organization from whatever negative impact of the shenanigans done by a very significant few of its members.

And Davaoenos should thank City Director Dubria and his team, and everyone who thought of doing that commendable way of reaching out to one of the disadvantaged sectors of society – the aged.

We are very certain that the wards in that home for the aged will never forget that one memorable moment in their lonesome lives. Imagine being visited by some most unlikely people on Valentine’s Day when the aged in that institution could have been expecting from their closest of kin!

To DCPO Director Dubria and his team our Congratulations for your noble deed. We are hoping that other police commands not only in the Davao Region but in the entire country as well would learn some lessons from your initiative.

Mayor Inday Sara did the right thing in giving Director Dubria the opportunity to continue leading the DCPO after that unfortunate Roxas Ave. incident which, to us, was not a fault of his. And we know the records of crimes committed in the various police stations in Davao City will show how much good the command is doing under Director Dubria’s watch.


And talking of police performance Davaoenos are expecting Director Dubria to be facing yet another challenge.

He is expected to do his best in implementing the government’s total war against illegal gambling. We are saying that this could be a big challenge for the DCPO director since we know that there indeed exist various kinds of illegal gambling where some local civil and police officials are involved in various capacities.

For example, we are very much aware that there is a proliferation of illegal cockfights or “tigbakay” in the barangays. So prevalent this illegal gambling is that even birthday and wedding celebrations are now being used to gather the cockfight affecionados and instant cockfights become the highlight of such affairs. And would you believe it, the organizers are members of the barangay councils starting from the lowest functionaries to the barangay captains. And in several instances we personally saw police mobile vehicle parked nearby.

And perhaps the most patronized of illegal gambling in Davao City is the so-called “Last 2” numbers game. Where years back the draw is done only weekly, with the institutionalization of the government-operated Lotto, the Last 2 numbers game is now drawn daily. Who are the financiers of this illegal gambling operation? They are those known to be walking the corridors of power either in the civil governance or in the police and military corridors.

So, in all likelihood, the sectors in the gambling organization that could be most vulnerable to the all-out war against illegal gambling ordered by national police chief upon instruction by the President are those in the lower rung of the operation. These are the ushers, the coordinators, and possibly the small-time or start-up financiers whose connections may not have taken roots quite well yet, or who are seen by the big financiers as “threat” to their dominance..

We are hoping that DCPO director Michael  John Dubria can make a difference in this campaign. If he does, then for certain he will make his ascent in ranks “smooth as silk.”

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