ROUGH CUTS| Adjustment in Davao City’s speed cap

WE READ with great interest an article by our good friend Tony Ajero which came out last Monday in the paper that he also edits. The article detailed crimes of passion that happened in Davao City several years back.

One of the “crimes of passion” that our editor-friend Tony wrote about that really showed how well he has followed the case (or at least took keen interest on its history) was the abduction and murder of the wife of a good looking college dean in a popular Davao City school. The primary suspect was the woman’s husband who was reported to have an affair with a well-known Davao socialite during that time.

At the time the crime was committed we were still in Cebu. But we can claim that we too, are as familiar with Tony on that particular case because by the time we came to Davao City right after graduation from college in the middle of the seventies, we had relatives and new found friends who shared with us details of the case from the time of its commission to the filing of information, to the trial, to the exoneration of the good-looking dean, and even the names of a good number of the dramatis personae of the case. These details, according to our policeman relative and newly minted friends, were derived from news accounts from the print and broadcast media, as well as from their personal knowledge of the sensational case.

Our policeman relative who is now dead and was assigned at the Detective Section of the defunct Davao City Police Department, gave us the initial heads-up on the case since during our arrival in Davao the people in the city appeared to have not gotten over that particular tragic incident.

Knowing later who was the alleged “other woman” of the college dean we could not help but agree that it was one incident in the history of Davao City that will never vanish with the times.

For how could that be relegated to the “dust bin of forgotten memories” when even today’s local elites who were in their teens or twenties when the incident happened, still talk about it when they come across each other in social gatherings in their efforts to relieve the years of their youth? And who are these elites?

Yes, they were sons and daughters of Davao’s rich and famous during that time. They were the aspiring students and young professionals who grew up to become today’s leading accounting practitioners, lawyers whose parents were close acquaintances of some if not all of the characters of that case. Some in fact became politicians, judges and business executives of today’s Davao City.

But our friend Tony apparently failed to mention one crime of passion; the one which has for its victim a beautiful woman business executive. She was reported killed right in front of the house that was provided her by a well-known Davao businessman allegedly on orders of the latter’s wife.

How did we know about it? Our informant was a councilor known for his exploit with women who himself later became a victim of this incident called “crime of passion”.


We are happy that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has officially announced his approval of the adjustment in the speed limit in downtown city streets from 30 kilometers per hour to 37 kph. Motorists, especially those regularly plying the city’s downtown routes can now heave a sigh of relief. Many drivers will agree with us that engines usually conk out when not shifted to low gear when running at low speed like at 30 kph.

So, to prevent vehicle engine from stopping in the middle of downtown traffic drivers will also have to shift to low gear when running at 30. However, this will result to only one thing, bigger fuel consumption. This is of course disadvantageous to the drivers since they will be spending more for fuel.

This recent move of the mayor will definitely endear him to the drivers as well as to their families and the commuting public. After all, who would not be happy when drivers, especially those of public utility vehicles, stand to earn more with less fuel expenses and with a much reduced risk of vehicular accident  because of the still relatively slow but comfortable drive at 37 kilometers per hour travel in the city’s downtown area.

But what about the speed cap in the highways, are there corresponding adjustment in speed limit from 40 to 50 kph and from 60 kph up?

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